Getting Chase(re blogged)

Life is passing and guess who is chasing. Men are chasing women, and women are making sure that the chase gets interesting by scores. Read any magazine about hows and what regarding men, it is all about deceptions.

Men, are actually hunters, this is not my notion, it s a collective view by fashion magazine columnist. Men are looking for a good catch, big not necessary, slippery not really but yes edible. Once, tasted, like food it has not only to please his eyes but to be eaten with each bite, heart must sing a little and digestive system should not complain later.Then ,he must be satisfied and remain faithful, no wonder people write, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Too much growling is definitely undesirable, for both.

Young ladies, singles waiting or wanting a perfect man, may have many ideas. But, we must realize that the catch is the hunter,we need to make him feel that he found us not the other way. that would hurt his feelings. He may picture us  woman, not really worth much, other than earning , doing household chores, giving birth to his children and taking all that, he has to offer.What else is he wanting ? I have asked myself this question ?

Today ,I want to share my findings.

The man wants to be entertained. Life is a stage  and woman must be entertaining entertaining entertaining, that is not an error in typing  That is what men are looking for, at office, home, food, street, pubs, name it. men want to have fun. Anything that’s not , is not worth their time and attention.So, what can you do? Women must be able to have her daily review, did I connect with him today? How?

The lists that on daily basis, each one has a connection. mental, physical, emotional, financial whatever, makes him happy . Give him a daily dose, he will come back for more and stay at your door :)) No, he is not a dog.

After all, too much nag nag can put off anyone, why think he can take it , because he is a man. No. he is just like a women, except that he doesn’t have that much patience, and cleverness nor mood swings.

So..chasing must be worth for him and you if you are the prize, of his life. make him feel, you are every bit worth of the hard work and effort.

happy ending for a new beginning..must have humor as a topping

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