Let us think

Suppose, just think if we developed a system or machinery such that whatever we want in a person it could happen. Okay, then we will first improve ourselves. We will improve our learning skills, appearance, thinking strategy, eating habits, sleeping and so on. I am sure after sometime we will get bored. When everything will be perfect, we would like to return back to normal. Where we made mistakes, blunders and failed.

It is human nature to deal with challenges, if nothing stir a storm we can not remain calm. We have to experience it. At times I wonder why we get inclined to listen to gossip, an interview that is spicy, why sex sells? Why negativity is attractive. Why people with money spend so much to wear less ? it is because when you reach the top, you want to jump without wings to experience the fall.

Life is a cycle we ride, it gets worn out and punctured. It gets into accidents and maintenance. The need to heal , the scarcity of real and pleasure to deal with life, makes us alive and kicking.


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