Women are from Mars :)

The Women From Mars… Men were all waiting patiently, for the young women to arrive. They were all capable of changing their faces, figures, names and nature. The men were told, as you think or imagine, that woman would change into your imagination. Each man, then took one woman from the group. They were all wearing veils and cloth draped over their bodies. The couple then moved into a cell, it was bright red when they entered. The man wanted his woman to have lovely auburn hair, the cloth over her dropped exposing perfect hair, next he wanted to see a forehead of medium size. he could now see that but skin color was green. He wanted her to be white, but rosy, her nose straight. And lips so sweet..like a rosebud, neck long and smooth…as he kept on imaging the woman body was exposed. Now, he could see a beautiful woman of his dream, standing in front of him. So, he now wanted her to speak, if Greek or Roman, Italian or American..as per each one’s own mindset she took up her character. Now, was language and literature. Artistic or scientific. Thus it went on and on. They kept on changing her and dressing her ..then undressing her. She was their Barbie doll. Finally, the man wanted her to love him. But she didn’t. Oh! why? She said, love accepts me as I am and never change me..so if you want me to love you. You must accept me as I was originally as before…choice is yours. Few men, thought sex is enough and he took her without love, some thought I can sell her off, some wanted to keep her as a show piece. But only few had the courage to accept love as she was….

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