real catch ;)

Discover the REAL reasons a man falls in love… to the point where he feels he HAS to have you – and only YOU 🙂Now that is hard..he may fall for you but “Only you” is rather hard for the poor fella.he is liberal and got a loving heart..he is sure he can love many..including you and others..can you accept that:)

The ONLY way to truly connect with a man’s heart (it’s not what you think…) It is what he thinks ..and mind a man’s mind..things are a bit complicated..what he wants ..he seldom puts it into have to vigilantly watch his a detective story…without commenting. Then he always writes in between the lines with invisible you got to think..what he likes in the posted link

The specific words and body language instantly compel a man to get closer to you. You have to be a reading his instant swinging moods.. the voltage high likes and dislike..if you can not read his mind..he will give you a jolt.

How to keep a man from withdrawing and becoming distant. This one is easy..STOP nagging.. Don’t complain.if he ignores you… Stay cool…if he never looks towards you and is glued to the Wrestlemania. Give him space..and keep some space for him.. besides you :))How to get his attention and make him see you as the prize he needs to pursue.

Be smart, not needy and just have your own life..he may drop by..that time leave everything and focus on him…He will think of you as a very special person..because.” you never make him an essential part of your life in real“ tricky eh 😉

Men will be ladies..please treat them with care..they like to be loved and patted..pampered and showered with careful not to make it obvious ..they also got a hidden side..yep the other side


me and you

The whistling breeze got messages for me

blew from the north with ease

they said it was cold and chilling

but you never called me nor teased

I was buried in the snow deep

Do you know ? how I sleep

I heard that you swam away with waves

Giant as mountains and brave as whales

I never had a chance to fly or to swim

When next time you go..

.will you take me with you

will you ask me to join…

will you wait for me or no?

I heard that you all talked about m

eBut didn’t utter a word

yet implied so many emotions to draw

how I made you feel

I want to hear from you

loving promises of tomorrow

dance in the rain to wash away sorrows

a flight in the sky with clouds

glance the stars in the darkc

ome let us join again

in dreams and fantasies

only you and me

hand in hand

will not speak just watch the mountain peak


If you could play a tune

There was once an old tree. It was huge and green. Many people came to sit under it’s shade. One day a musician came and played a tune, soon birds gathered, bees buzzed and butterflies danced. The tree was very impressed.

They all used to wait for this musician daily. One day he was very sad, so the tree asked him what was the cause. Musician replied, “My tunes are gone.”

Tree felt sad, how was it possible that tunes were no longer the friend of a musician. Then an old branch suddenly broke off the trunk and laid on the ground. The musician picked it up and made a flute, drum and more. All the instruments started to play the tunes of nature. The musician was happy and was about to leave the tree.

A little fairy appeared from nowhere and said,” Thank the tree”

Musician was a bit taken back, “Tree”

Fairy,” Yes, because the branch fell off the tree, giving a life to save yours.”

Musician asked how to repay?

Tree answered, always be honest and grateful to those who help you then true tunes will always be yours to play.



The Roses in my garden are beautiful and sweet

Don’t pluck them from the stem

it is not a need

roses are my friends of all colours and size

some got portraits or have a disguise

but since they are my friends

I respect them equally

will never hurt or abuse verbally

if I do, it’s jokingly

Never ever, ever take me seriously.


I am your virtual friend

I am not an artist

But I do love to see

what has the artist got for me

am not a model

Yet I am eager to watch

All the fabulous fashion

Someone has got

I am not a photographer

Yet I love to know

what you got in store

I am a friend who loves to be friendly,

yet I do get a bit naughty

I upload minion jokes I laugh at

and share it with you too

If you can not laugh with me

Then I am sorry about that

what to do 🙂

Remember, I will give what I have

and you will too 🙂



Some will love you

Some will hate you

Some will ignore

so hard that you will disappear

from their life

even Google can’t find you 😉

They are clearly fed up with you 🙂

But those whom you love

if they never read your post

Never like your image or post

be a nice host

turn into a ghost

don’t get spooky

just let them feel good 🙂

those whom you love

respect their likes and dislikes

yep.. they don’t like you

Grow up! when will you learn!!


Why do we come to this world?

Life is not all about leaving

it is about living with values

loving with honesty

being an inspiration

and that becomes a legacy

you become a legend

that is what life is about.


Dark chocolate :)

Dark chocolate you are a treat

but not sweet

health benefits many indeed

get good skin or get thin

Good changes you can bring

I can have chocolate as I please

the only chocolate to eat in peace.



When you think

Think again

Before your thinking becomes a thought

it can be good or be bad

Can make you happy or sad

remember it is a thought in your head

it is an action that is yet to materialize

so be careful how you idealize

make your thoughts positive and wise

for the thoughts will get words

and it can be a garland or a sword

be careful of your thoughts

it is all you have got 🙂


Be like water( an old poem from my collection)

Be like water..turn cold like ice
Be nice
Be clues
Be colourful too
Be stream
Fill drains..turn to steam
Gush out..turn into waves
speed brave
Have currents..make other spins
take them safely..when the chance is thin
Give life..and be a source too
Water is pure..salty…sweet..fresh..or dirty
which one is you?