Gift from Sea

A poor woman was distressed and sitting next to a tributary. Suddenly , her feet slipped. And she was getting drowned. Oh! would I die . was the thought  frightening her. Suddenly, she found herself standing in the bottom of the lake. Here, a tall man motioned her to follow him, she did as told and in a cave she saw the man’s wife , in labor pains. The man, again looked at her, and she got to work. Soon, the mother gave birth to twelve children of the sea. The father was pleased, picking up some corals from the bed, he gave it to the woman.

After, sometime she found herself on the shore. Then she realized, that she was alive.Looked at her hands, it had corals. Now, she was not happy for she thought about her poverty. In distress, she threw the corals and walked to her hut. Next, morning she woke up and wanted to wash her clothes, as she turned her pockets inside out..Lo! where there were there were gold. She couldn’t believe that she had thrown the most of it along the shore. Running  back to the spot she witnessed a crowd, laughing and rejoicing for the treasure they got, gold nuggets were found along the shore line .

Ah! my  bad luck thought  the  woman to herself.. why did I throw away the corals in despair. As, she walked away and reached her house, she found one barrel lying in the front door. Bending down, she tried to pick it up. Too heavy. Then she pulled it upright and made it steady. There was gold coins in that barrel with a small note.

The corals were by me. Gold from my wife. But the barrel is from the children of the sea.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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