If you could play a tune

There was once an old tree. It was huge and green. Many people came to sit under it’s shade. One day a musician came and played a tune, soon birds gathered, bees buzzed and butterflies danced. The tree was very impressed.

They all used to wait for this musician daily. One day he was very sad, so the tree asked him what was the cause. Musician replied, “My tunes are gone.”

Tree felt sad, how was it possible that tunes were no longer the friend of a musician. Then an old branch suddenly broke off the trunk and laid on the ground. The musician picked it up and made a flute, drum and more. All the instruments started to play the tunes of nature. The musician was happy and was about to leave the tree.

A little fairy appeared from nowhere and said,” Thank the tree”

Musician was a bit taken back, “Tree”

Fairy,” Yes, because the branch fell off the tree, giving a life to save yours.”

Musician asked how to repay?

Tree answered, always be honest and grateful to those who help you then true tunes will always be yours to play.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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