me and you

The whistling breeze got messages for me

blew from the north with ease

they said it was cold and chilling

but you never called me nor teased

I was buried in the snow deep

Do you know ? how I sleep

I heard that you swam away with waves

Giant as mountains and brave as whales

I never had a chance to fly or to swim

When next time you go..

.will you take me with you

will you ask me to join…

will you wait for me or no?

I heard that you all talked about m

eBut didn’t utter a word

yet implied so many emotions to draw

how I made you feel

I want to hear from you

loving promises of tomorrow

dance in the rain to wash away sorrows

a flight in the sky with clouds

glance the stars in the darkc

ome let us join again

in dreams and fantasies

only you and me

hand in hand

will not speak just watch the mountain peak

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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