Are you fire, earth, water or wind.

All four elements join in

Creating human being

We got fire in our souls

We are humble never cold

we adjust and flow in life’s stream

too much heat we get steamed

Time pass by like morning breeze

with each breath we release

carbon dioxide to the tree

Balance is a must to be

without that fire will burn

water will drown,

wind will blow and

where on earth will we go?


My dear friend

Don’t be sad

Don’t feel bad

Don’t get mad

It spoils your day

Your moments today

Remember me

Smile and see

You are loved by many

Got no one as enemy

All is well

All is good

So my dearest friend

Love yourself

Because many do


Love is a poetry

A single rose is beautiful to see

In a garden or in hands of thee

I give one and take one with me

rose is a rose with love to be

Fragrance is free

Beauty is free

love is free

but something you need to know my Luv

Care and nurture this gift with heart

For love is beauty that emits fragrance in me



It was an art gallery. Lots of hand sketches hung onto the wall. Beautiful women, slim and tall. Few men and old people . Dominating was a half drawn sketch by a famous artist who had died mysteriously.

Late in the dead of night, window opened and a beautiful girl floated inside the artist huge studio. He was sleeping, tired from a day long outdoor sketch at a graveyard. Jim had quickly sketched an open grave It was a woman’s grave. He did not pay much attention at that time, just rolled up his sleeves and captured the view.

In the darkness, Lyla’s white robe was flowing with breeze. Her cold dead fingers reached for Jim’s jawline. Jim could feel the cold touch. He startled and was shocked to see Lyla so close.

Jim.” Who are you?”

Lyla,” I am Lyla”

Jim,” What are you doing in my studio?”

Lyla,” What were you doing over my grave?”

The question made Jim very frightened. He couldn’t reply for full five minutes.

Lyla, “Why? What happened? You are free to visit me but I need a reason to come here?”

Jim,” I am sorry”

Lyla,” Don’t be. I am very happy.”

Jim,” What are you happy about?”

Lyla, “To have found you.”

Jim was now even more scared. Thoughts were racing in his mind.

Lyla came very close to him. He could smell wet earth and something rotten.

Lyla stepped back and said,” You can smell my grave”

Jim,” What!”

Lyla, ” Do me a favor Jim. Close my grave and get my body into the grave. It was stolen by the grave digger.”

Jim was lost for words.

Lyla,” if you do not do as I ask. Then you will have me as a regular visitor”

The morning light was now filtering into the studio. Lyla disappeared.

Jim quickly took a shower . He then went to the pastor. They formed a group, intimidated the police. A search was conducted and soon the grave digger got arrested. He had sold Lyla’s body to the nearby hospital. Her body was minus some parts, whatever was remaining got buried and the grave was closed.

As night approached Jim waited. Lyla appeared she was smiling.

That night Jim drew her sketch but couldn’t complete it. He died and following day was surprisingly buried next to Lyla. Now they have a friendly conversation and discuss art, because Lyla was an art critique.


A day to celebrate love

Celebrate love for it is a gift you receive as you give 🙂

Write your name as the one who loves and is loved by family and friends.

Hearts are true love is old but it’s got value

Remember to wish love for it is the most cherished feeling.


Gifts on Valentine

Loads of chocolate

s some candies

Beautiful flowers,

expensive treats

Valentine gift should be, to please

The heart that hopes for

The mind that accepts

The courage to face you

even when depressed,

It can be a thought

One smile, one hug

You need to write an ode

To show love, with effection

I find it amusing,

I find it fun

Valentine day begins but seldom ends



Valentine Day

Each year we wait to greet

Valentine with sweets

Some got chocolates

Some got mint

Few have flowers

with garlands

Best is the one

who brings a smile

It will last forever in style

Lips will feel

Eyes will glee

Heart will beat

and it is a melody

Hope you all have a lovely time

with your individual Valentine


Gift from Sea

A poor woman was distressed and sitting next to a tributary. Suddenly , her feet slipped. And she was getting drowned. Oh! would I die . was the thought  frightening her. Suddenly, she found herself standing in the bottom of the lake. Here, a tall man motioned her to follow him, she did as told and in a cave she saw the man’s wife , in labor pains. The man, again looked at her, and she got to work. Soon, the mother gave birth to twelve children of the sea. The father was pleased, picking up some corals from the bed, he gave it to the woman.

After, sometime she found herself on the shore. Then she realized, that she was alive.Looked at her hands, it had corals. Now, she was not happy for she thought about her poverty. In distress, she threw the corals and walked to her hut. Next, morning she woke up and wanted to wash her clothes, as she turned her pockets inside out..Lo! where there were there were gold. She couldn’t believe that she had thrown the most of it along the shore. Running  back to the spot she witnessed a crowd, laughing and rejoicing for the treasure they got, gold nuggets were found along the shore line .

Ah! my  bad luck thought  the  woman to herself.. why did I throw away the corals in despair. As, she walked away and reached her house, she found one barrel lying in the front door. Bending down, she tried to pick it up. Too heavy. Then she pulled it upright and made it steady. There was gold coins in that barrel with a small note.

The corals were by me. Gold from my wife. But the barrel is from the children of the sea.


Little Boys

Cute and cuddly a playful sight

Little boys jumping on all sides

No one can stop them on their bike

They like adventures and hitch hike

All their naughtiness are a sight

From running to chasing a bull fight

When in trouble they still shout am right

Little boys get braver in high tides

Smiling, laughing in big wheel rides

Have you seen any little boy sitting inside?


Friends or foes

Two ladies  lived  as neighbors for fifteen years. Since, they were close they shared their everyday incidents and activities too. Both were widows. One had daughters who supported her and the other was living with her nephew ‘s family.

Let us give names, the one with daughters is  Mrs. Happy and other is Mrs. Sad.

Mrs. Happy was eager to save money and make jewellery for her  daughters, and she would show that to Mrs. Sad. Unknowingly, it made Mrs. Sad ..more depressed and mad.

Jealousy was getting higher and uglier..Mrs… Sad was also fed up with all the noble instructions that Mrs. Happy would give her, on saving and tidying etc. Mrs. Sad never had any what to save? And her house had little to tidy up.

Mrs. Sad  liked to eat ice cream, as she never  had money she would ask Mrs. happy to buy  her some..although she did but later  on she will remind Mrs. Sad about how many times she had given her treats and never got any treat from her.. Mrs. Sad  couldn’t give her anything except a company.

One day..Mrs Sad got a phone call from her late husband’s friend , demanding money which her  husband borrowed some ten years back..she went to Mrs. happy for getting a loan to pay off the old loan.

Mrs. Happy didn’t agree. And Mrs. Sad was pressurized by the lender. She got mentally day when no one was around..Mrs.. Sad stole the jewelries from the cupboard and as she was leaving Mrs. Happy caught her..frightened she pushed hard, killing Mrs. Happy instantly as her head struck the corner of the table..

Mrs. Sad left and gave the gold ornaments to the lender..later that evening Mrs. Sad also died with a stroke.

The lender went to sell off the ornaments and was caught by the local police..and was charged for murdering Mrs. Happy..

There is no moral to this is an incident that makes poverty unbearable..that you commit a crime without thinking..had Mrs. Sad knew..that she would die so soon maybe she wouldn’t have killed Mrs. happy..or if Mrs happy given her a loan to help..she would be still is complicated or simple..depends what happens when it happens and how.