The night was dark and silent. Martha was late, she had just managed to finish her work at the Mansion. Hurriedly, she was walking towards her little cottage across the old cemetery. It was cold, and she was shivering as she walked and was about to reach the boundary wall, she could see a shadow. Martha was getting cold but she walked bravely to this shadow man.

Man, ” Hi. I am new here can you help me please?”

Martha,” I am in a hurry. What do you want? What are you doing here?”

Man,” I was buried here, a few hours ago. I am feeling cold and hungry.”

Martha was frozen like ice. She was trying to think, but fear was over coming all logical thoughts.

Ghost, ” Are you afraid of me?”

Martha, ” I what?”

Ghost,” Please don’t be. I mean no harm. Didn’t you watch Casper..the friendly ghost. Think I am like that”

The ghost extended his hand to shake with Martha. They shook hands and Martha started to feel better. They now walked together towards her cottage.

Martha,” Do you want to eat?”

Ghost,” Yes. When I was killed. I was about to have my lunch.”

Martha,” What would you like to eat?”

Ghost,” How about..hmm a bread with butter?”

Martha,” okay. What is your name?”

Ghost,” I am Jim Morgan. “

Martha,” You said you were new here. So, are you from and how did you reach here?”

Jim,” I came to deliver the sofa set. I wanted to eat, so I parked my van at the roadside. And wham! someone just ran over me. There were four men, they carried me to this place ..I mean there and left me.”

Martha gave Jim a bread, but he couldn’t eat it and felt sad. Next morning Jim was gone. Martha told this episode to everyone she came across but no one believed her. After finishing her work as she came out from the Mansion, lo! Jim was waiting for her with a smile. hence, they became good friends and soon they got married..well technically 🙂

Martha and Jim had four daughters. All her pregnancies were invisible by day time and visible only at night. She was now very happy, her children were also like their father. They never ate anything. As, Martha grew old the daughters grew up as beautiful young women.

The family would go for outing at night only. Martha got the name of old maid with tales in her head, but she didn’t seem to care. Martha was happy with Jim. One day, as she got up with sunrise her family didn’t disappear, she was happy and wanted to know why.

Jim,” Martha, my love look…”

Martha looked and saw her dead body lying on the bed.

She had died.

Her daughters now live in the cottage and lure young men to be their partners . The villagers are upset and want to burn them, but the four witches got power from the day and night..So, its tricky to catch them. Many people tried but all failed.

The old wise men decided to cage them within magical rays. Only the great Evil can enslave them and put an end to the disappearance of the young men from their village.

That night Martha and Jim felt helpless and sad, when their four daughters were caught with powers from the dark side and given to the all Evil..he will eat them and get their powers as additional strength to his evilness.


Ghost bride

The young man was now settled and wanted to marry. His school friend’s younger sister was very sweet and friendly. So, the two families thought, that they could be a good couple.

The girl, Tanya was invited by Alex’s family to visit them during summer break. Alex was suppose to pick her up from the airport. On the way, he thought to take a different route. So, he went through the woods, as his car passed many trees and fallen leaves he lost track of time, and he landed up almost near a lake. This made him realize that he had lost his way, as he was thinking another car appeared from nowhere, it was driven by a woman. She was dressed in black and partly her face was covered by her thick black hair.

Alex asked her if she was lost too, but she just shook her head in negation. Then, she asked him if he needed help. Oh yes was Alex’s answer. She took out her mini computer and gave it to Alex, she told him all he need to do is to fit it to his car. He happily adjusted the monitoring system and safely reached airport but was delayed by an hour.

Since that day, Alex would go that lake and meet the woman. On the other hand, Tanya had given her consent to marry him, and as the family planned their engagement, Alex started seeing the woman appear in his dream

.He then left one day for the lake and never returned. After a search party went to the jungle, they saw his car parked and he was gone..the woman appeared from the lake, that gave every body a chill and they could see, Alex’s face in her eyes..that was pretty weird.

She said, I am Alex’s bride and laughed then vanished in thin air.



The two sisters were  totally different. Sophia and Maria. Sophia was the prettier of the two, but lamented how ugly she was and kept on asking everybody. How ugly she is? Of course, the young men would tell her, that she was really very beautiful and so gorgeous. Sophia, always did this..yes ask all questions that had a totally opposite answer, and that too about herself.It was always, difficult to make her happy for even when it was absolutely happy time, she would start with how the poor must be feeling and who didn’t get what..there by  burning that moment like a burnt stake.

Maria was an average looking healthy girl, body and mind were simple just as her looks. She was always  feeling good how she looked and never asked anybody how she looked, not because it was over confident but the mere simplicity of  finding a mirror that reflected her image made her think..that question is rather aimed at  leading to praises..and what the use of putting people to test.

Life was easy for both, but Sophia started to feel jealous, as more and more  people would gather with Maria. What made her sister so attractive and not her..was the question revolving around her mind.

Sophia to be boy friend, one day left her and went to join Maria. that was rather too much to take, so Sophia directly asked the young man.

So.You now want to go with Maria?



Simple..She is honest as well as simple. There is nothing complicated about her..and I don’t have to answer all pointless questions that I get from you.And..

But she is an average looking girl!

Yes..but she makes me feel special..


No. Sophia. She is average looking but her mind is fresh and honest. A beauty inside, that outshines any other aspect a personality  can achieve.

Maybe, you like her because she will not give you a competition..and No one wants her..

Sophia..the truth is. No one wants you. Everyone wants to be with her.


because you are a certified Hypocrite. Always in denial. When you know something , even then you pose to know nothing. That ignorance, actually drives  people away . For nobody likes to be part of a game.  

But..Life is a game.

And you just lost yours..