The Swap

It was a middle income locality. Usually professionals occupied the single storied bungalows. This lane was relatively mediocre. It had almost all plots with ground plus two or three storied.

Ravi and his wife, Rekha lived with their 20 year old daughter. The daughter was a college student and Ravi was an Engineer. Ravi sometimes got posted outside his city. Rekha was photographer, she sometimes got assignments for publicity of buildings and she also liked to cover marriage parties. Since she was a quite person, her clients were happy to have her.

The family lived in their own house which was ground plus one. Ground floor was occupied by them and they had a couple living on first floor as tenant. The tenant was Rajiv Sharma and his wife Leena , they had a son who was always at a boarding.

The two families had cordial relationship. Leena was from a rich family and Rajiv was an architect who earned sufficiently but was not really rich. As years passed both the couple added 20 years to their life.

One night Leena fell ill and she was told to take complete rest. Initially they had hired a cook, nurse and domestic help. Rajiv monetary conditions were drained and he no longer could afford the cook. Rekha was kind hearted, she would cook for both the family on daily basis for which she just covered the groceries.

After three years Leena died peacefully. Rajiv was alone and so he was invited for breakfast and dinner daily , and Rekha also prepared his lunch. He was now part of the family, who paid rent.

Ravi was posted for six months outside the city, there he met Camilla, who was in her 30s and single. Camilla was very spirited and sweet, Ravi was their paid guest. Ravi soon got very much attracted to Camilla. Both were quick to realize that they made a perfect couple.

Rekha was patiently waiting for Ravi calls or video calls , which started to get lesser with time. Ravi extended his stay by 3 months. Rekha wanted to join her husband but since her daughter Rakhee was studying she had to stay put.

On his return Ravi was quick to disclose about his affair with Camilla. He was very clear in his disclosure. Rekha was shocked but she wasn’t depressed, perhaps secretly she had started to admire Rajiv who was friendly and caring. He always had a sweet word of appreciation.

Ravi gave her the ground floor portion of the house and took the rent from Rajiv directly. After six month, Rajiv proposed to Rekha and they got married.

Rakhee was happy with decision. Then one day on afield trip she met someone who was everything a girl would desire. Rakhee confided in Rekha and Rajiv. They gave her the green signal and date was fixed for the young man to visit their new apartment which Rekha bought after selling off her old portion.

That evening was special. Rajiv was busy as was Rekha, right on dot the bell and Rakhee brought in her boyfriend. He was no other than Rajiv’s son.

The moment of happiness was turned into a shock. How can Rakhee marry her own brother? A silence fell and Rakhee was crying.

Rajiv then said it is not a problem, because Ratan is a son from Leena’s first marriage.

Wow ! that was a relief.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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