It was a dark night in the old castle. Lights were off as thunder and lightning were giving jolts. The woman was alone, she was left by her husband to wait for a while. But he was nowhere, with sunset the entire forest was howling with wounded sound.

Who was hunted? Who got killed? The woman was shivering and she thought it was best to enter the castle.

Here there was pitch darkness. No sound. No light. She could hear the rustling of leaves and breeze. Suddenly, she felt a chill and looked towards the wall. It started to glow and the mirror was so beautiful. The woman turned to look at herself, her face was younger and prettier. Her hair was long and flowing. What a transformation. For a few minutes, she forgot about her husband and was lost in admiring her reflection. The mirror was asking her to touch her face in the reflection, as she touched. Something pulled her inside, tearing her skin and bruising her arms. Oh! the misery. She was trapped inside the mirror. She wanted to scream but couldn’t, her voice was lost and her eyes were blinded with blood.

A voice was calling and someone was shaking her, no she didn’t want to go..”Get up Linda,” said her husband

Linda had fallen asleep watching the horror movie.


Spring is here

The branches of tree

The birds melody

The laughter in fields

The fiery electricity

Spring is here with all its gifts for me

I will share with you the sunshine

I will share with you the fragrance

I will share with you the songs of ectasy

It is a time to rejoice for life’s gifts

It is a time to help and lift

those who are still buried in miseries

Let us make it a moment of happiness

a moment of peace



Love can never be perfect

It got dimensions and hues

It has depth and laughter

Mixed with emotions too


A place to be

So beautiful is this place of love

Like a dreamland with me as a dove

singing chirping from brook to tree

I am in love and I am free



Let us celebrate life by living

Intelligence by thinking

Hearing by listening

Seeing by looking

Heart by feeling

Let us celebrate success with gratitude

Remembering that achievement is greater than rejoicing

Let us today celebrate empowerments of women

Let us acknowledge their existence and contribution

Let us celebrate respect, love and trust together.


International Women’s Day


Pottery design translated into dresses’ by Ryunosuka Okazaki- DS Magazine


I love you

With heart and soul

with or without control

I love you much

I feel your touch

I see you through

I hear you too

You live with me

In mind with ease

I know your smell

I know your essence

I know my love

as I know myself

with tears of joy

when you smile

when you come close

Please bring a rose


When you go to play Golf

I am coming to play

Please wait a bit please stay

I have my bag

I have my tag

I want to learn

In every way

How to hold

swing and sway

put the hole

walk a mile

enjoy and smile

sunny day 🙂

June or May

or perhaps every day


Never indispensable

Each one of us is unique and valuable. Our emotional contributions towards our family and friends is special. Our absence or death creates a void that never can be fulfilled. They don’t die but they always miss the presence. No one can replace you in terms of sharing laughter and tears. That is very special, it has bonds with heart.

Workplace is to some extent able to cope up and forget their employees. Although good ones are missed for their brilliance and intelligence. But work continues with new faces.

Inspiration and positivity are contributions that continues to become part of another’s life. We, may have died and turned to dust, but the work and words will reman engraved in the mind and hearts of those who cherished and believed in us.