Oceans and Waves

Standing alone I watch the sunset, just like a life from cradle to grave. yet, the entire time it emanates light, heat and waves. It gives energy to all that it face, continuously moving and rotating in space. A cycle of life, will go on till doomsday.

I stand and think, what have I done in this world to link, my worth to the next world that awaits me as per my faith. I am a believer I know my place.

I have come to this world to serve and please, I have come to submit my will for the betterment and peace. Have I done my role as given or had I deceived?

Question is how well have I faired and passed or failed. Result will get announced one day. But then, it would be too late.


2 responses to “Oceans and Waves”

  1. A beautiful piece!!

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    1. Thank you for appreciation

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