Waves in life

There is music in waves

When you plunge into the dance

hold hands or just swirl

you will be fine 🙂

Dance with fervour

Dance with love😍


I think of you

I maybe busy
But it’s true
When I close my eyes
I am with you
First thing in morning
Last at night
Whenever I feel you
It’s a delight.


Loving you

Walk along the ocean shore,

thinking about my love once more.

Watching my reflection on the beach,

thinking how can now I reach.

What will bring him back to me?

Tears won’t work.

I have tried and seen.

Perhaps a song will help him feel,

how deep I feel in real.

human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Ice cream

The ice cream cone

It’s so similar to love

It melts so quickly

You lick it to save

You eat it in haste

Close your eyes to taste

Hold it tenderly to last

You want it fast

It brings you a pleasure

It gets you in mess

It’s like a test

Doesn’t last long

But hums like a song



who cares

Have you lost your heart

Or gave it away

You are smiling without a reason

In all four seasons

Without a single complain

Who has come to share with you

Laughs and tears

Anger and fear

Distant yet near

You can listen but not hear

Whispering in your ear

Lovingly , my dear

human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Without me

If you can find happiness without me

then I am not your happiness

If you can feel loved without me

My love was never enough in real

If you can feel complete without me

I was never part of you, see

But I define happiness with you

my love as you

Feel complete with you

You can not change that too

human relationship humor Laughter Life love

Don’t be sad nor mad

What are you doing?

Yelling in rage?

Complaining complaining

No work no wage

Calm down sit still

Think a bit till

you see people sick n ill

Covid 19 has killed

You are lucky

You inhale and exhale with will

Live your life Love your wife

humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Love and life

Life is passing we all know

Rains in summer, winter got snow

You can move fast or go slow

Live today and let go

There is always love in tomorrow

Be a source of inspiration

For friends and foes

Turn around look ahead ..go

Be happy, be fragrant as rose