human relationship love Poetry scars


Waiting to meet again

Endure the pricking pain

Heart felt crushed

And bruised

Now hope is strengthening again


Pause to feel

In life, you must pause and feel. To recognize the person or register the emotion. If you never paused, then it is like you passed through life or life passed through you. You were left like a rock. That got polished and shined like a diamond, prized high and admired much, but nothing went inside the mass.

You saved time and hurried up the routine to finish but never get it better or be innovative. Then you became the minutes in hours that ticked away your life.

In life’ signals. There are red, orange, green lights. When in red, pause. Take a moment away from emotions and worries. Think with depth and feel with your heart. Then get ready and go go go, it is green.

The speed is yours, steering is yours, path or road is yours, you can overtake or follow, change lanes or remain in one. Whether it is career or love.

But, each time you decide just before you do…Pause



The poem in my pocket

It wants to sneak

Wants everyone to read

A story that leads

one word to another

like weed

grows in rains

spread with ease

has little or no value

like trick or treat

A poem in my pocket

if you want to keep

slip your hands in my pocket

to feel 😉

the bang on your head is real


Sending love

Love is a gift

Share it to lift

another’s heart to fit

in a day’s work or night shift

Love is a promise to keep

Remember someone before you sleep

When not with him, heart weeps

Love is a passion

Filled with desires

Burns like fire

Come come don’t look like a flat tyre



Promise me this

like the last kiss

you will never miss

my fragrance in the air

my thorns that prick to dare

who can take a rose from my garden

come forward,

show yourself

or get lost like dirt on a shelf

Not easy to break a promise

Not easy to keep it too

Love you little

Love you not

Love you always

Till you forgot

What is love

if not you

What can you think?

What can you do?


Love is real

How strange is love

Don’t ask me.

Just feel

It goes inside you

Like a spirit in real

A source of happiness

A pleasure to seize

bring out the best in you

that is the deal

a lover may go or die

But love stays when real

It lingers in your heart and mind

forever and ever…turning wheel


Truth hurts

Truth hurts, don’t they

ouch, oooh wham, bam

gets you chilled

or fried like an egg

or boiled hard

throw on the face.

That’s a start

am I a bad egg?

or not is the debate

but my dear sweetheart

you suddenly got rid of me late 🙂

gave me reasons for not to date

but I find you with another at the gate

hmmmmm, naughty is the state



Faceless emotions

runs so deep

hear in the silence

a throbbing weep

kills your sleep

breaks your heart

who is she?

a broken soul

a battered old

a screaming dream

a nightmare it seems


faceless is the echo

no one knows,

and no one shows

any sympathy for the soul


After the rains

After the rains come, sunshine

comes birds flying towards the sky

comes freshness stretched in greens

comes leaves looking happy

comes hope for love

comes a desire to feel

comes your thought

brings a smile and twinkle to the eye


Am I ?

Am I a dish inside the sink?

Water is filled and choking out lights.

Am I thought inside my brain,

trying to explain but not finding my way?

Am I existing in reality or dream?

Can you touch me?

Can you feel it?

Or am the tattoo you engraved on your back where no one can see,

not even me.

Am I?