Pause to feel

In life, you must pause and feel. To recognize the person or register the emotion. If you never paused, then it is like you passed through life or life passed through you. You were left like a rock. That got polished and shined like a diamond, prized high and admired much, but nothing went inside the mass.

You saved time and hurried up the routine to finish but never get it better or be innovative. Then you became the minutes in hours that ticked away your life.

In life’ signals. There are red, orange, green lights. When in red, pause. Take a moment away from emotions and worries. Think with depth and feel with your heart. Then get ready and go go go, it is green.

The speed is yours, steering is yours, path or road is yours, you can overtake or follow, change lanes or remain in one. Whether it is career or love.

But, each time you decide just before you do…Pause


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  1. So true 👌👌

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