Life goes on

Life goes on

till you are gone

Many come along

Making you strong

Getting you wrong

You like to sing.

But you forgot the song

Life sings for you

as long as you live

Life goes on


Good Bye ;)

There is no goodbye,

just hello and hi.

See you soon,

maybe one afternoon.

If not here

then there,

if not far,

then near.

If unclear or hazy

we will meet when you are not lazy.


Love you

Tell me something for I have no clue

Is it me or is it you

I feel so happy when I am with you

And feel so lonely without you

Tell me if it is what you feel too

for I love you 🙂


Don’t cry too long

Why someone mourns longer than you

Maybe the trauma was bigger, and through

It didn’t just break your heart. It broke bones too

It didn’t rip the chest but killed the best in you

Something has died other than the sweetheart love

It has buried the lost soul in the debris of hate

No one will come now, don’t wait at the gate

Cry till you can. Wail as much too

But let me tell you, there is no coming back for you

If agony was a remedy, it will heal too.

Good luck, little broken heart.May God bless you


I smile at you

I smile whenever I start a conversation

.and when I end a dialogue

I smile when I start a meeting.

and end a discussion

I smile when I see my friends

.when I leave at the end

My first impression and last trend

I smile at you

and if I do not find you

or others those I smile at

then I take out my mirror

and smile, and get a smile back

comes in handy the partner in m

eyes, myself, me and I

we three, we take turnsand smile,

for a while

and it does last my inner happiness

and joy, in heart, spread to eyes

and I know I am smiling in life

human relationship love Poetry


Words get stuck

Sound gets muffled

Pain and trouble

Helplessness double

that is a time

a single tear leads

flows down a stream

all that was trapped

is released and relieved.


May not

I may not come again

To feel the ecstasy or the pain

I may not need your heavenly rains

I may not be here again

said the dying love in vain

people die with unseen dreams

they have muffled silent screams

if you can just give them hope

it will be enough to cope.

life that has a burning rope

humor Laughter Life Picture Poetry

I am the breeze

Along the seashore,

I am the breeze.

I fly with the seagull with ease.

I feel the peace that envelopes the scene.

I feel the blessings in waves again

I feel so happy and at peace.

I am the breeze.

I touch your soul

I filter your mind

I ruffle your hair from front and side

I touch and go

I return to see

Do you remember?

I am the breeze.