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My memories

Beautiful memories, I recall.

It was September starting in fall.

I fell in love with a man of my dream.

Then I woke up 😉

and that ended the stream of love that flowed,

where I did swim and let go.

Now, we are no more.

He is him

And I am me 🙂

A little sad story


Never love again

If you never see me again

I will treasure this pain.

It will rekindle the love

In my heart,😍 inside

You will be in my sight

You will be beside

In my journey

Called life

but, will never meet

Perhaps there is no need

For you have entered my soul

Like a fragrance

Like morning radiance

Like Sunshine



A song of love is sung and heard.

With the filtering sunlight, it seems

A hugging breeze

lifts me and squeeze

bringing back loving memories

A fragrance so deep

In my heart in seeps

your words and laughter

echoes in sleep

Come to me

You say to tease

I will come

whenever to please


Mail Order Bride

The women were from another planet. They were in liquid form but would take the shape of anything or anyone within seconds. Men knew about them and usually, they didn’t mind because all were liquid.Soon they started getting married to loners, their generation was a mixture of the earthling and Sana Sana. This cross led to a new breed that was mortal yet able to get into various forms.If someone wanted a woman as mail order, all they had to do was to describe her as a dream girl. Sana Sana would send a woman just as described with super intelligence. They were slowly killing the real women and taking over.They would give birth only to girls. After they had killed and replaced all the women. It was time to kill the men too. Yes! because the women were capable of transforming into another gender as well.


Yes :) I do!

Some don’t, some do

I do

I remind you it’s my birthday

Or you forgot to wish

Or that I did miss

Your exchange of greetings

A nod, a smile, a hug or pat

I like this, and I love that

I do

I am direct and frank too 😉

Never leave friends aloneAlways disturb them


Come September

Slowly you come into life with fallen leaves
Reminding us, we must shed our miseries
The year is almost towards the end
What has broken needs to mend
If you have forgotten your close friends
Call them again , meet them again
Life is asking you to think
What are your important links


Hang in there

if you hang a little longer

you will get taller and smarter

then you can jump and land safely

get come courage little baby