I will be gone

I have my sanity
I have my heart with me
The waves that fills my soul
The wind that chills and goes
I stand all alone
With a soft song
No one will wait for long
Once I am gone
I am a mystery
A loving memory
A smile in eyes that sees
Come say Goodbye to me 



Some memories make you smile

Some make you laugh

Some make you laugh then cry

Do you know why?

That moment is gone

And you are now a Sad Song




Friends are not your family

They’re here by your choice

They will stay

If you are nice

They’re will listen n read

They’re your heart beat

So try to keep

Be nice and sweet


Let it remain open

Open the door,

and look beyond your floor.

There are birds and grass

There is a song that lasts

A melody of love

A handshake of trust

A heart that beats

with birds and beast


Autumn leaves

Never do you miss me

Said leaves to the tree

You have so many companions

In your history

Each year new ones blossoms

Each fall they wither and go

I have gone too

But you, never could have known


Hug me too

Hugs are awesome,

they connect with hearts

embraced with arms,

and neck to last

press and feel

how warm how real

hugs are warm

and better still

when a kiss is added

to part or pull

hug with warmth

hug tight and full

young beautiful dancer posing on a studio background

Play once more

Play a game with me someday

I will win

if you will stay

You will go

If you say No

let us play with heart and soul

let us bet on silver and gold

let us laugh

let us live

life is precious

it never gets sold

Although we do get old


The last message

The last time was short , just like love. Not that I could have streched and pulled to make it long. It was to the point, a killer. A dead bolt.

The man has simpy told the truth. He can not be your lover any more

It will make his life broken and eye sore. So, it was time to go.

And he did go


Chocolate in me

Love is chocolate

Comes wrapped in

Unable to see

You open randomlyto taste

either break at the bend

or bite at the end

It fills you full

as you close your eyes

to feel

sweet bitterness in me

Am I the chocolate you seek


Ask me too :)

Sometimes you should ask me too

If I want to watch the waves roar

If I need to feel the sun on skin

If I want to soak in rain again

If I want to swim in ocean with whales

You should ask me sincerely

My friend ❤️

Misty sunrise in the park of Konopiste castle in Bohemia