Find me love

Believe in love when love is true,

the heart will find the heart for you.

Smiling lips sparkle in a smile.

A doting eyes that see you in miles.

Search for love but got no clue.

Is it me or is it you?



The screams silenced with death in cellars

Freedom they got

But lost lives forever

Yes, they were chained

And tortured to remain

Slaves to the unjust

Uncalled pain

You shall not rise

But die in debt

Die in sorrows

Without a voice to vent

No one hears you

Speak not, now

We shall choke you

Burn you down

Who is this Devil?

What does he seek?

He wants his power

to reach the highest peak



Some friends are soft as petals of a rose

They feel the pain that thorns pose

Their fragrance is sweet

They are a treat 🙂

We always respect them

Whenever we meet

It is from within

we admire their soul

Very warm, open and bold

They can be firm and loving

Never cold

May they always have smiles

laughter and peace to hold.


waiting on the shore

My heart is on the shore

Roses fragrance soars

The breeze touched me

To know

Who am I waiting for?

No one will comeI am sure

Whispering waves told

There is nothing for you to hold

There’s no one, anymore

Tears can fall and soak

Heart may break and bleed

You will dance no more

Music has died for sure

Standing alone onshore

Watching the waves on the floor

Sand will kiss you bye

Go away, return no more


Come to me

Come dive in my heart

If you believe it’s a start

Don’t drown and cry

I will let you fly

I am not a cage

Not a page

There is no lock

No gates

No written lines

Don’t be afraid

I will wait

If you want to come

Come tonight

My heart does beat

It doesn’t resist

When you call I come

Try it tonight


Don’t call

Don’t call me

I am asleep

I will not return

Cliff is steep

It has dreams

Turned into nightmares

Gives creep

No promises to keep

Don’t call me

I am sinking deep

Feeling nothing

Under the heap

Of sorrows

Heartbreak 💔Horrors

Don’t call me

Don’t call me

I am not yours to keep



Shadow following
Shadows lead
Shadows get shorter
Shadow gets lean
I am not a shadow
I am the light
I play with objects
And give you delight
I bring you courage
I give you sight
Shadow and me
Are together in life 


Phantom ( repost)

Oh the phantom has lost his power

And he now sits on graves

He does not scare me at all

I am not afraid

I know that he is scary

Actually, he needs a shave 😀

I will get him clean clothing

And ask him to behave

Dear phantom don’t be naughty

Not nice to make a face

Come down from the tombstone

Dinner is served at 8.00


Girl in rain

Asked the girl why does she cry?

She didn’t answer

I don’t know why?

I was flapping my wings for long

lightning struck

Lo! she was gone



Soft, gentle, loving and kind

Who comes to your mind?

A woman is intoxicating as wine

She will be forever your’s, just offer to “be mine”

Why do you ridicule and abuse with words and fist

Why does her soul and body bear marks, when she resists

She is a woman, a source of joy

Do not play with her emotions,

she is no toy

Respect her, trust her and be kind

She will make your life as bright as sunshine