Love is green

So beautiful is the sky in the scene

Trees are happy, the grass is green

Love is tender, love is serene

The path is curving, end unseen

Who will bask in love with me

A fluttering heart is near to flee


Good Morning

The morning sun will rise and show

How beautiful life is in the ocean roars

How cool the breeze flows

Stand along the beach for more.

Birds of sorts will soar

Waves will greet the shore

Kiss the Sand as it retrieves to go

Morning brings me close to nature once more.


Tinga linga ling

I have not written my heart for long.
There is nothing right or wrong.
Just a feeling, when you are gone.
I find myself, lost in your thoughts all along.
I smile at you, I feel you close
When I dose off, you are my source
Of dream and love
Of laughter and touch
Of songs I sing.
tinga ling a ling.


Love you a little more

A melody in time

A freshness of mind

A love that I adore

I want to feel to the core

It is hard to let it go

It is easy to love you more.

Oh! how I miss your smiling eyes

How I remember your smile



They enrich your mind
They make you bold
They have enlightened within
They never grow old

If you must ask me

Then it is not love

for you should know it

like a heartbeat or thrust

It should ignite within

a desire or a lust

It must addict you

the need to trust

If it is not love

then let it go, my Luv

It was never meant to be

Never should be

let it die and turn to dust


Hidden face

When you can not find

Where can it hide

Not all memories

Got default rewind

Some are hidden miseries

Some forgotten love

Some are fears of losing

Some deception of trust.



If I can make you feel happy
If I can make you feel sad
If I can get you disappointed
Or I can get you mad
It means one thing, I can make you feel


Intangible emotions

Who am I to you?
The question is easy but difficult to answer. How I feel is yet not classified, categorised, or labelled under any head. I miss you if you don’t show up. I think about you when you disappear. So, it is possible that after leaving the platform, I am still with you in my thoughts. Though it is never deliberate nor forced, it is how I feel.
Sometimes, I feel that emotions are too many in types. Love to hate or reverse is a long journey, where there is rainfall and sunshine. I love rainfall, for it drenches me to the core, it hides my tears and gets me cool. How I love it, I want to catch it and close my eyes to feel that freshness and smell the fragrance of the soil.
I am very ordinary in my thoughts, but I do imagine many things when I see an image and it ignites and inspires me to write a comment that is odd. Still, I write because I must be honest in expression.
Label me as crazy or funny. I am what I am.


Flowers for you ( repost)

Beautiful and so many filled with morning dew

Fresh with a fragrance that allures

Softness in colour and texture too

Flowers are the source of happiness for you

A gift, recognition and the last adieu

Flowers are from me to you 🙂

To say that ” I love you”