Sustainabale buildings

The most talked about concern is global warming. Boils down to architects as opting to design for sustainability and designing green buildings.
What is the aim? If you see, it is almost like asking to design with care; they have a phase before the design process starts. After that, it is planning—an essential list of goals to be listed that the building will address. There is an involvement of a LEED specialist who will be there from the planning stage through design and construction and monitor your building scores on its performance.

Sounds good, but remember the specialist will charge you per square ft for monitoring, too, so you must have a budget to keep your certificate green.

They have priorities for site selection, which architects seldom can be part of, as owners usually buy land and then approach the architect. Next, it wants you to try and limit urban growth. That falls under planning and urban design, so architects are never part of the extensions of housing/ commercial zones.

The building needs to have optimum orientation, which is possible as site analysis typically indicates the sides to which sunlight, breeze and views are best. Secondly, they want the development to have a vertical extension rather than spreading and covering land; It is referred to as the FAR requirement. Density is essential. As more people are onto less ground, it will leave better open spaces around the site. However, this also leads to a higher concentration of traffic and infrastructure loads in terms of electricity, gas, and potable water supply with disposal and sewerage systems capacity to accommodate the density. Finally, the most critical part of the high rise is earthquake resistant structures in design and material.
All the consideration seems workable when you have correct data on the material extraction and supply, manufacturing process and disposal of the waste from factories. So, the building is a part that requires a whole set of data.
It may be possible that particular material is sustainable for use yet creates problems during excavation.
We need a new Ministry to enlist and identify all the building construction materials that have the most negligible impact on our surroundings.
They need to train and get less noisy equipment and more efficient construction methods.
This new Ministry has to ask the growth to stop consuming all that is presently wildlife, lakes, fields, and mountains. A cash component will be needed to pay off the owners so that they may not feel deprived of their inheritance. It will support the preservation of these natural resources.

Hence, Green Building is not a single building. Instead, it is a building that states all parts of it are not harming the global climate during construction and afterwards. For an installation of such honesty, we need to work through the industries engaged in construction with data proving them to be saving our planet.

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