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I call you with love

What’s in the name

All the names I call you

I call you with love

In loving whispers

In melody

In Ecstasy

I call you with hope

To be with you

and see you smile at me

Even from the other side

Even for a moment in time

My sweetest Buddy

Smart Sunny 🙂

human relationship humor Laughter

When I send you

laughter that fills my soul

the smile that makes me whole

the nod that acknowledges

I am with you for more

that twinkle in your eyes

I remember when you told

You love me with your honour

You love me with your soul

I always want you smiling

whenever you hug or hold

human relationship humor Laughter Life love

if there is ..

If there is no tomorrow,

then there are no more sorrows.

If there is no tomorrow

it last time for me to borrow,

some smiles, some tears,

some lonely hearts to cheer.

For tomorrow I may not be here

human relationship Life love

You and me

The waves came to me

Standing in between the trees

I felt happy,

I was free

In my minds were your memories

In my heart the last pleasantries

I smiled and walked towards the sea

Here the waves greeted me

Kissed my feet and held my ankle

Told me never to leave

It was a moment of peace

I watched the sunset

It was not last

But it did lasted for a while

I felt so calm, I felt so fresh

As if the moment was in flesh

I smiled again as I stared at sky

Breeze was touching my scarf

I felt your touch it was so warm

Like your loving tight arms

human relationship Life love

You are with me

When I am not with you

yet you are with me

like a sweet melody

No one can see

Only I can feel

Moments I treasure

Moments I lived

In the morning light

last at night

I turn off the light

I close my eyes to sleep

still, you are with me

travelling in dream

a fantasy in real



There are many masks ( source Pinterest) but the one we wear is the invisible one. Not everyone can see, we mask our inner self to deceive and please. Mostly to please , because our reality is not acceptable in a world where beauty is skin deep.

Where richness is never questioned , so we hide our poverty. We hide under a cover ,leading a masked life. Sometimes we hide our age, at times our nature ,our back ground for getting praised for who or what we are not.

World is a mirror and we the unknown faces , silent witness to unbearable injustice and immoral behavior. We have lost our souls in search of recognition from those who lie and impose unrealistic standards.

Can we ever free from the mask and become pure and visible?


ocean got waves

Vacations are many and most relaxing is the beach. Have you ever thought why? Let me tell you ; it is because the waves in the ocean has a magical heal. It sends its countless waves to touch your heel, and take away the sand under your feet. Sinking you inch by inch in the shore, making you realize that time is passing and you are with the nature, your value is no more than a minute passing in the universe.

It takes the burden off your shoulder from daily chores, it makes you choke when you watch the sunset or sunrise. The end and beginning of time and day leaves a strong sense of presence. You survived!

Survival is the most crucial of all feats, we try to defeat death , but actually death is never in a fight with life. Death comes to take us from life.


Oceans and Waves

Standing alone I watch the sunset, just like a life from cradle to grave. yet, the entire time it emanates light, heat and waves. It gives energy to all that it face, continuously moving and rotating in space. A cycle of life, will go on till doomsday.

I stand and think, what have I done in this world to link, my worth to the next world that awaits me as per my faith. I am a believer I know my place.

I have come to this world to serve and please, I have come to submit my will for the betterment and peace. Have I done my role as given or had I deceived?

Question is how well have I faired and passed or failed. Result will get announced one day. But then, it would be too late.

human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry


You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy always

When you wish me

Or when you miss me

You bring in colors of harmony

You make me smile all day

You are my life line

You are only mine

I want to sing it all day


which colour is for me

Paint me in blue,

If your love is true.

Cover me in red

when you get fed up.

Smudge me in black.

I won’t get back.

leave me in white,

it is the moment I die.

Carry me with strokes,

it will end up in smoke.

Look at me on the wall,

I am a painting that’s all

The poetry was inspired by the work of an artist, Ken Adair.