Images blurred in mirror of time

How I wish , I had a mirror to show my reflection in real. When I am doing good deeds, my eyes would sparkle. if I commit a sin, my face would go dark. I will know, when to stop myself from petty lies ,to manipulative ways, to back biting or anger. All that kills my inner soul. Before , I die I do not want to live, like a body who’s spirit has left in distress.

Can I bring back my innocence and honesty, is it too late. How to ask for forgiveness, how to learn to correct my ways.Is there a chance for me.. I want my image from this blurred mirror to speak, tell me what I can not hear, make me say what I fear, break my heart..death is body has eyes brimming with tears.I came alone with hands in fist, tonight I leave with open palms, a bliss. You can check me, if i am taking anything from this world , no nothing just heap of sins.Image

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Inspiration a word used by many. Inspired me , a picture to write a poetry and a poetry  that made me paint/ sketch a picture. Images, inspire and books too. When, we call books our friends, it is because they remain silent on the shelf collecting dust, until we pick it up and turn pages to read. We, can buy those friends in paper bags.No..books are friends because, the author is speaking to you, informing you about a theory , explaining  you a discovery and giving you a recipe . Talking about recipies, I find all the chef cooking programs very entertaining,especially when they slice and stir, that magic in their hands..superb. the only thing, that is important..because, some of us live to eat and those of us, eat to live are always skinny and not really funny. I found, at an average, that thin people tend to be misers and they keep grudge, as if it will fill up their empty growling stomachs on the other hand, the chubbies are cuties and they have a large heart not heart enlargement.No. The second group , is busy with diet plans that are made perfectly and kept on shelves for ever. On whose side am I? Thin or fat. neither. I am an average person and I always sing one song ( actually many songs) but this one is my favorite. I am a average person, I have a mediocre taste , people think I am funny and usually  a waste, elite tend to stay away from my company , but I am happy to sit on the boundary wall and lick away honey.


When it is right

I am always right..right? If, I didn’t think that i am right then why am I writing..I should not write. But..words are my friends and they always come to my rescue, whether I want to back bite or tell a story..that no one wants to listen or read. Words come to me, so obedient and smart. i love to write, because, it gives my husband to relax and he gets some space. After all, he is human and wants to watch wrestling. I can not understand the sadistic pleasures he derives, all the time some one is in a miserable spot, words or punches or you can not see me.. signatures style.I had a miserable time back then, now wrestling is shown but I got this, I am kalabalu and what does that mean? 

it means..nothing and everything . Nothing because, this is not a word and everything because this person writes and writes.Dare, you stop way. Each night, fingers they get busy and dance on the key board, and yes salsa or cha gets smooth and flow like a stream. my words.. my friends 


Virtual vs real

Whenever a new social media is available.That is the new hub on the hub. So, many people. each time we need to introduce ourselves. Mostly, men are kind to women and to men; opposite attracts philosophy works best on website. Are we magnets? yes we do get connected and line drops, then nothing. Some complain and lament about, fakes , screamers but in real world, we fake many things except physically.  I find, virtual friends more open and pleasant, because they are always smiling..when online 🙂 They have ideas and are thoughtful, but sometimes even the virtual ones try to hide.When, they are online they want to go offline :)) deceptive measures. just like a father telling his son. to inform the guy downstairs that he is not at home. The young boy yells, father said to tell you that he is not at home 🙂

Virtual or real , humans would never change, they can not tell the truth nor can they lie..give them a break .and try..try to forget that you saw them when they were offline…because you did notice a post..ignore that they told you..that you are the best..they are innocent minds, telling you sweet things..for they want you  to stick around..and if by chance you had enough of this intangible off the computer and go back to the real..


The inner you

The most correct identification of a society is by viewing the traffic.Why ? I used to think, got my answer, it is because in a blink we pass each other, routinely but we seldom catch a glimpse. The unknown passers-by, are anonymous. they have no names , and no meaning so do as you please. Those who regulate are already paid monthly by the big man, for his en route buses, so the driver though drawing a meager salary has a dangerous desire to block anyone and everyone, so they park on the road blocking the cars behind.he is taking a revenge on those people who have a better economical situation. Vengeance.Then beggars, they attack you when , you are endlessly waiting for the traffic police to give your lane a green signal, why don’t they have traffic signal? Simple, if everything is controlled automatically, then how will they abuse power.Then the pedestrians, they look on the side , which doesn’t have traffic, yes the opposite side and then cross without looking the side from where traffic is flowing.Why? don’t you see where you crossing? Answer is very tartly put, you are driving and don’t have eyes? Now, if I was the driver..I can reply, what about your vision, is it minus 20 ? then a brawl and more ugly.. ultimate you think rather re-think your actions and come to a conclusion.

Traffic, is the best indicator of a society. it clearly shows, how civilized people are in real.The law enforcers, when daily break the law and go on the wrong side. the ministry cars move with alarms , rushing again on the wrong side. it shows rules are not made to be followed, rather made to be broken..again and again.Those, who can bribe the man..and those who can not..they better maintain their lanes and drive safe its your life.



friends are those souls that are always loving and you adore them.They think with heart and mind is out of control. Friendship is not made of gold, but you are always advised to make new friend and keep the old. never do they leave..unless told.So fresh and open, makes them bold. I like friends, and uphold..the motto of friendship is..your inner soul. never seen, but in eyes of friends, so much care and love..that never ends..Even if there is  sun and it is cold, take saunaImage dip at Norway, design by Jensen & Skodvin; architects..that’s really bold


Flag down

Driving a left hand car on a road where all other cars are right hand, has its advantages and disadvantages.

My husband who actually drives is on safe side of the road, but not me. I am sitting on the side that the cars are coming. Unsafe.

Other drivers think..a woman is driving let us over take her..but my man’s ego gets bloated and he doesn’t let that happen and so I am floating..

At any instance bumper to bumper or side brushing happens..I somehow get the heat..not my fault at least.

Police flag down and asked me to produce driving license ..but it’s my husband who is driving !

When my husband is alone..and is waiting for the cars in front to move ..the policeman comes and ask..where is the driver of this car..he is not suppose to park it here..but..says, my husband I am the driver and that there are cars in front not moving..well the officer  can also see that..can’t he?



When I was younger, I used to  do many household chores, like getting newspaper picking up cups or changing the calendar slots. Small fry :)) that was me.

Once it so happened, that our refrigerator was not working properly, and we had a prepared a drink that had milk ,thinking that it would get sour , my mother asked me to request her close friend to keep it in her fridge until evening. We were expecting  guest to arrive. I took the huge jars and gave it to mother’s friend, after a couple of hours I was told to fetch the jars. Guess what all that was given to be cooled was already distributed and consumed.. bewildered, I was like lost. Misunderstanding was, the friend thought we had given the milk based sharbaat for her and not just for keeping it. Since then, I am a bit careful in doing the chores ..

Small fry.

Nature Poetry

When you remember to forget.

Life is all made up of memories

Mind is always so precise. Images are formed , sounds are deciphered , fragrance or odor, cold or hot. You never need to ask , mind knows it all. I sometimes want to recall names, places, dates and reasons for the rise and fall, for every mistake that was made

I want to know, what to learn and how to let go. maybe, it is an escape from age, from failures from loss, what is it?

I want to be but was unable to achieve. Wisdom, faith and honesty..that was supposed goals for me..wisdom came, faith retained and honesty..its fading away..that is what disturbing me. if I am no longer honest than I can not have faith nor be wise..I must remember not to forget, me.


Magical moments…


Magical moments. Life has surprises and shocks and nature has an ongoing artistic moments.

I find the sky to be magical. The wide screen, that so humbly touches the earth and uses it as the edge, of

a portrait..I wonder how can all this composition be so perfect. Moment by moment, endlessly, whenever I watch the Discovery channel, the majestic sky has a moving scenario that encompass the whole situation. 

of course, the credit goes to the mind behind the lens. The ones, who captures it but what about the scenery.. the poetry, the feel of that time. Looking at the sky..I feel one thing for sure, that it is looking at us, trying to wonder what we have to display. 

Sunrise or sunset, cloudy or rains, the windy days and bright sunshine play..the rainbow that is visible for sometime is the treasure, stars so bright but small, moon and sun that looks like a ball. 

I find that poetic..the sky and its clouds ..floating above our height and touching the mountain peeks so high..views..I love to see and share.

the magical moments are really every where.