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A poem for winter :) in response to whocouldknowthen Haiku

Winter has a magical touch
Snow fall urges hands to feel
the cold and numbness, that is real
we cover , we shiver, we attempt to deal
winter is a fairy on wheels :)

Will not hibernate
will not miss..this light silvery kiss
snow covers..where grass has died
winter has come to bring an end
to cycle of life..for a new beginning

Trees are bare and we tend to share
warmth of heart..we sing we care
sun when glares..we tend to stare
at the chilling one can see
just feel…it is real

Marcus Moller Bitsch
Marcus Moller Bitsch
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What mysteries surrounds us ?

what clouds  can do..except roar.. slowly  floats..from east to west and showers it goes..I run and chase..the breeze in daze..I want to touch the clouds so much..but can not fly..I envy the birds and butterflies..take me with you..I have no wings no force to push my body to repel. the gravity pull..I want to know how many drops will surface the earth..and winter will see..the snow fall as we freeze..still..

I want to feel the first snow..the first rains that washes away clean my soul..How many things..I never can count nor see..measure or is uncontrollable is prized..and will be all four seasons that I want to live..spring to summer..autumn to winter..I am all cycles of seasons..they got many reasons to be..each year..each day the_call_the_wind_mariah_by_phatpuppyart-d48bz2z

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Staircase by paul Cocksedge-de zeen mag/London.Soho/Creative business

The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_1 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_2sq The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_3 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_4 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_5 The-Living-Staircase-by-Paul-Cocksedge_dezeen_6

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Halloween :)

101918579.jpg.rendition.largest Look at the pumpkin sits so comfortably ..somehow it got the effective properties to transform  into the eyes that sparkle from hollowness..from dark the flames emerge and makes those unaware scream with fright..Halloween Night..who will play tricks on whom..and who would give away sweetness in form of candies..two ways to enjoy..sharing sweetness with laughter giving frights to those who are with weak hearts ..which feeling you want to induce…do you enjoy when others smile and laugh..or you smile silently /out loud at those who gape with fright..people would remember ..both…which memory would you want them to have..

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Martin Klimas- Flowers wither beautifully

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Autumn got design for you :) better homes garden

101289433.jpg.rendition.largest 101323006.jpg.rendition.largest 101509211.jpg.rendition.largest 101596676.jpg.rendition.largest 101840041.jpg.rendition.largest 101918579.jpg.rendition.largest 101918607.jpg.rendition.largest
Spring was here
earlier this year
Now it’s autumn
setting in
leaves are dried up
fruits have turned brown don’t need to frown
there is beauty all around
Better Homes Garden has ideas
to furnish all your interior
with red, yellow and browns
doesn’t glitter like a king’s crown
yet a hay stack over a door
makes you know
spring has left
autumn too would go 🙂

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Women in fashion world

Glamorous and perfect

but without a smile..

walking  head up in the limelight

Turning heads for a while..

making men shift in their seats side to side

only the women must reveal and display..

men are generally wearing everything from head to play 😉

Why so thin ? Why size zero is in 😉

How many parades would satisfy the valuable think

Women in fashion line design and parade

What you want others to and wait

Few can fit in the perfectly design line

Women, they  smile and tell you..everything is just fine

Camera action..lots of clicks

Photographs  displayed..making eyes tick

trying to memorize her eloquence in dress

admiring the lovely beauties..all in their best


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Seek again


I left that path

It did lead somewhere

I know it was safe

where they wanted to be

It was their destiny

But I couldn’t follow them blindly

although I was blinded by them

then I asked myself

Do I know where I want to be?

Have I ever been there

No answers  no replies

my mind was empty

Still I want to go

where my heart takes me

Somewhere  there is peace

Paths unknown

I will risk my time and make new  roads

if none exists and life ends  before I reach

there is no more

yet I know..I have followed my ways

I will not regret nor flee

Safe paths are not for me

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Hybrid last for moments..originals forever and more

If its forever

It will take time to grow

whether it is a potato

a relationship or more

Life is like a painting

events make it a collage

but if  it get disbalanced

it turns out as an eyesore

hybrid can not replace original

if you can understand my woes

Bought an American name brand

from the Elite’s store

it was labelled , “Made in China”

outsourced 😉



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Tom Beddard -DS Mag

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