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When we write

Words are typed on the screen

we press button

and are seen

as a  post fresh as  green

We like comments fat or lean

Likes are great if they mean

readers read , they were keen

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Alone but never lonely :)

Alone But Never Lonely… Solitude..a bliss for me. I like myself too much :)) I have lived this a crowd or writing my thoughts..I am at peace with myself. Whenever, others come in my space..I feel the alarm inside my brain

ring..trrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggg!! Oh..people.

I love mostly everyone, who lets me. This is like a summon. I can step back and give you that much time to think and you want me ? If you do..then what is in your mind for I your friend..your colleague..your partner..buddy..what am I to you..and then I take it from there. It does happen, that after sometime you may not like me anymore..get tired and bored ..then you must never push you away from me.

I only let my windows open and door is left can smell the fragrance outside my personality..You can watch who passes window of life. The door is never locked..anyone can walk in and everyone may walk out..I never stop..Never ….

I learned from be happy with myself..I am not saying that others are not are love and respect. To trust and support..But they are not me…I am the naughty one..who does have a serious side too 🙂
I believe that each one has a role to play..or two.. life has manifold characters display before us..we change and attain those as per need or whim..this way we emerge as a different person each day…

I figure out my ways..I discuss my secrets with my heart and mind as a soul. Yes.. when alone I can not be lonely for I am deep in thought and feeling about those dreams that I had fought and got..and those I lost and forgot…

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No one but you ;)… when you find ..that you are alone
No one smiles with you or for you..its time to smile at the mirror :)))
nice eh
Nobody loves got to love yourself can do it better than anyone. No one actually walks beside you..then walk alone..your partner wasn’t making the distance any shorter. Believe me.
No one keeps you as the special one..thank God! you know who are the”special” people..yes 🙂
No can get close to a happy you got yours intact.

Life is lived by yourself, you can decide whether you want it to be a sad grumpy one or cheerful happy..remember..people are like mirror reflecting and sometimes breaking down..but never can you feel..for they got a shield..thin..always showing you..your ugly you are to them..and then they search for new in this jungle ..the survivor must be brave and live and die be happy..nobody shares your grave

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A reason to be and not to be

When was the last time I logged in to read ?

Asked the google when I forgot my password

indeed !

Well , it was a Gmail I used for account Perksplay

It had perks and I did play

right or wrong ..don’t know

but am sure one day my twitter will be gone

I have forgotten to be or not to be..the owner of Gmail

yep..lost my identity 😉

can you believe?

Gmail didn’t..

I tried endlessly to recall

all the words I used to pass…

but none screwed up


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Words are jumbled as are thoughts

Words Are Words… write a poetry that has rhyming words not easy to form an idea that has limitations, ideas must flow like streams and oceans.Ripples and waves all makes us happy  splashed all over our face.

We play with water and earth too, climbing over mountains and sailing in boats, we capture pictures in moments we remember.

But thought.. we would forget in time, I think we recall each happiness many a times as we want to be happy again in future with the past. I do this too..when I open my treasure of memories, I feel so touched..with words that were said to me.. before..that time when we were in love, not anymore..yet you made me feel beauty within me as a light..that shines at night..

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Thank you

Thank you for replying , thank you for reading too

Post are all I come to see.

Each day something is new

we learn to re-think our views

I bow and write thank you

I feel I get rich and happy with you


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Sometimes I forget

Not always no..not that I write too much ..I re-read less. I find so many things pop up in my time..I seldom get time for myself..imagine someone show me ..what I wrote..and forgot ! oops..that shouldn’t be the case.

I love to a reaction , with passion and fire..but  seldom can I write  to the level of getting printed..and in a book form..well that is like a dream come true..we all know if we want to make things happen we must work..but do |I ?

I normally think that work means ..designing spaces..because I get paid for that..thank God! otherwise my husband will certainly question me..about the expenditures I make for attending office.

I love to write..voice opinion or just bla bla..and I ponder when anyone..including myself..does too much bla is then I tend to forget.

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Liebster Award

liebsterawardpic2015Thank you to Blair Gaulton bjgaulton for nominating me  :))for Liebster award. If you read it..its Lie…then buster ..of course the u is absent;)

It took me almost a month to create a post for this award..and I have yet to answer his questions..

I’d like to thank Blair Gaulton for the liebster award nomination. He is a poet and I find his poetry inspiring  🙂

The liebster award link below will get you there. Post the picture in the post mentioning the award and ping back to the original post […]

Questions for me :)) by Blair Gaulton

1.Have you ever created a new word or used a word from another language to better express yourself in your writing, when you could not find a way to express yourself?

Yes..I used..and still use…”hmmmmm”

2.What was the funniest story you ever read?

A joke . it was about a couple who had lots of diets to follow and they get killed in an accident. The Angel brings so many things for them to eat…

Husband: But I can not , I got diabetes, high blood pressure

Angel : No worries  , you can eat as much as you like .

Husband turns to wife and says” You made me starve down there and here I can eat as much as I like..I simply don’t understand you.

3. What was the most unusual food you have ever eaten?

Nothing till now 🙂

4. If you could create a video game out of one of your published posts, which one would you select and why?

I will like the “My Prized Possessions” as that’s really cool

5. Do you have a favorite time of day or night? If yes, when is it and why

I love the morning sun rise and time when sunsets. Both gives amazing colors to sky and  mood as well.

My nominees are 🙂

  • Vikas Acharya
  • Risty
  • busymind thinking
  • Darkland Poetry
  • Window with a view



My Questions 🙂

How tall are you ? and is that what you wanted too ?

Did you ever boast ?

Are you happy when you are working or while you are eating?

If you describe love , who will you think about?

Do you love WordPress, got addicted to it or just browsing through


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Nag nag ..uhu

Married life is tough. Ask my husband and he will nod and nod and nod. Yes..I am always asking him to do this and directions is my favorite. It makes me feel in control. I always ask him to turn off the ceiling fan whenever he wants to climb up to get something from the overhead storage space. he avoids my instruction and thinks it is absolutely silly to turn it off.
Last week, he climbed up and whush the fan edge touched his forehead and it was a cut. Blood was oozing , the domestic help were screaming and one of them knocked at my door. I came out and it was messy..quickly tried and stopped the blood. Made him lie down..he wanted to view the cut , got him a mirror and took him to hospital..the doctor stitched and medicines and returned home…all because ..he never listens to this entire time..I kept on praying silently and assuring him nothing bad will happen..everything is under is a slight worries.
I still worry..what he is up to now 😉 men are really like kids..

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Perfection is a need..indeed :)

dezeen_Stonescape-by-Kengo-Kuma_2 whether you  realize it or not, but perfection is the other name for survival, for beauty  and life. Composition, spatial arrangement , links and effects all must be in perfect harmony for any space to become a place. A doctor or a surgeon must prescribe perfectly and operate exactly or someone will die . You must wear, clothes or makeup ,hairdo fashion shoes perfectly matching your size or you can trip slip and fall. When we are cooking , we have to be perfect at all stages or waste the ingredients ..Politicians can not make any mistakes for a single approval or denial will lead to wars, famine and deaths.

Justice needs perfection,  and so does your family relationship..I used to think imperfection can be accepted , but when the documents displayed another department instead of the one I belong to..I didn’t accept the mistake..I wanted my certificate to be perfect.

Perfection in everything is needed, it does tire , take more time and effort , keep us vigilant and escape no short must be lived fully or it is wasted..So..from today..try to be perfect…in everything you do..It is not impossible just a bit difficult.