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Lost and found :)

When you fail and others win , when you get late while everyone else is on time. There is some inner frustrations and depressions, even jealousy and anger. A reaction to failures and disappointments, lead us to either pull others or push ourselves for better result.

Each failure has in-built lessons, this is the moment of weakness when ego can beat you dead or intelligence can rescue you for better approach or exercise. In life, we have trillions of wishes , yet few set targets and goals. Wishes are expectations and goals are achieved, not always can we be healthy nor effective, as our knowledge is limited to our effort. We can try, but others can be better not just hard work but sheer intelligence. How can we then compete ? We, should analyze our defeats and our potentials , whether it was a less creative effort or had nothing creative, did we give time for thinking or just went ahead to doing.

It is important to first think, and re-think till we are satisfied , for this initial brain storm we do need research and inspirations, that we decide to explore and then after all angles are evaluated , we must proceed with the “doing” part.

Speed with accuracy is only appreciated when the final result is nothing less than “awesome”