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The Daily Prompt- Sept. 9th : The Prompt ” Write about building something”

Write about building something..forever  or for long..or for moment..What can you build ..a structure..a monument..what is a ,monument..I think, it is physical entity reflecting a theme..a voice or build it  and not live it. Build it, because you want people to know what your idea is, long after you are dead and gone..although it is your idea but others can live by it..for long. Or, perhaps you are afraid of not leaving behind a legacy and this built structure , of material and form, would be there as a prominent identity..sometimes to serve as a node..others to generate money  or just to reason ..except a landmark for making a right turn, before or after..So, building something has an effect.

Built form influence people’s psychology and , why is it built in the first place..its because of the financier  psychology or reason. Structures lives longer or shorter depending why it was built..mostly monuments are this ever changing materialistic world..

What else do we build ? Nations..people ..values.. Seems very much from the book..”When I don’t care” attitude is so prevalent , values seems like a phantom from past. Each one makes their own criteria, not bad..just  much so..nothing is general..We, get confused..whether what we do is correct or not..some of us  look up in our religious teachings, some refer to their customs, few get into trends..more confused group ..get into ” answers and questions” ..where a leader or just  members with similar or lesser background , give their opinions..we build up on reasons  through votes by those who are in that forum..and we get a new version of acceptance…

We, also build relationships..takes time, effort and skill. It is a 24/7 job..there is no must be continuously aware and beware of any wrong move..that includes forgetting birthdays..ooops.

In builds, relationships are built, structures are also built and nations are built.

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Daily Prompt :Mirror, Mirror, On the wall

Daily Prompt :Mirror, Mirror, On the wall.

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Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror by michelle w. on July 5, 2013 :

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror by michelle w. on July 5, 2013 :.

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Daily Prompt – Facebook

Daily Prompt – Facebook.

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Daily Post -Widgets 201

WordPress is awesome :)) after that ,let me come to the topic

Widgets 201

Now..that is a tough one. Nothing seems to work. I tried so many times to get the image  of the awards I got nominated for..but no chance and no luck !!

It is not because wordpress is tough, its because my nerdness is totally out of the gravity control. Yes, never lands in the correct location, navigation is, its impossible .

If…only if, wordpress could have an option…load image.and click widget..ah :)) what a blessing that could be..but no..I need to write the URL that I always mess up with and the  names of the bloggers are not matching with blog :((( , here lies the problem..I think its one name but its few of my friends here told me..explained  and tried to make me understand widgets work..but I got tired and failed.and still fail..its only by fluke something goes right..and I am so happy at that moment..that I forget what actions did my busy fingers on the key board tap :))

But..I do want to learn how to handle WordPress

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Daily Post ; New Message (Challenge?)

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.  Its a picture taken from “The Brothers Grimm” a story book. I know what it means..someone has requested me to write about the King who had twelve sons and the thirteenth child if its a gilr would turn the twelve brothers into black ravens. Alright, I got I answer the message with a 😉 consider it done..and I also turn the  mobile power off..who needs another request about a bed time story..when I am already in bed and sleeping..pass the story telling time…people with phone must keep it out of the reach of young kids..related to me :)))


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daily post : impossibility

Let me think what falls under impossibility…

It is impossible to reverse sequence of the night to come before day.

It is impossible to ensure our actions, although we are sure of our intentions.

It is impossible, to bring dead to life.

It is impossible, to know where we get buried, although we may buy our graves in advance.

It is impossible to make a list of unknown, for the moment we write , it means we know 😉

It is impossible to know where we came from, before arriving on this earth.

It is impossible to capture fragrance .

Possibility is within our capacity and impossibility is what is beyond our range, physically and with thoughts.


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Daily Post- Presentation for Children

Learn to Think 🙂

Today, for the first time I am attempting to write for Daily Post at WordPress, my audience are the children.


Children..with your  honest and fresh mind..before you start to formulate opinions. I want to tell you one basic idea.

In this ever changing information world, everyone contributes to betterment who want to positively be part of the future.

Children are the future and that makes them important. When you learn anything new , it starts with name and properties. Most of the time we have products and services, we use and we pay. But, living is not about surviving, so what ever we learn we must also learn how to use, where to use, what to use..and this decision to choose comes from within our minds.

Suppose its your weekend, and your brother wants a help in his assigment. You can help him, by teaching, showing him where to get information, telling him what he needs to do to complete his assigment etc. This method of explaining a process has come to you through experience, but when it is the first time you attempt to do anything, you need to learn to think..

How to think? You projecting your goals or aim. To get something you do some things..and that actually makes you think..what can make it happen..and a basic guideline is..your process should avoid any cheating and wrong doings..what guides you to know..what is right and wrong ?

Anything that you say in public..i.e. inf ront of others and doesn’t get criticized negatively is usually right .Ofcourse, that brings us to learn cultural values and rules of a game think we must acquire knowledge and  once we have learned facts..we relate to experiences and information from our own religion or society..and decide what is right and what is always think..before you link any facts to any action or any nation..never just follow blindly a thought..always step back and it right or it true or is it false .and check it out from written material /pictures and also with parents or teachers..

Be positive and think positively.