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Kitten on the tree

Just wandering around and climbing a tree.
A lazy afternoon is always free.
Who can I surprise?
Who will come to me?
Looked around no one could be seen
Then a person stood beneath
Lo! he took a picture of me
I am still wondering
who can that be
Did send me the picture
I look so cute, can you see



Roses are the most popular for three reasons, first the colors, second the fragrance and third the thorns. Comes in life when you are happy or something goes wrong. Stays in poetries , pictures and books. Marks the occasion with grace. Roses are loved and become gifts of love , token of appreciation, medium of celebrations.

Remember that it is a brand name among flowers 🙂

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A citizen of two worlds

Identity leads to citizenship. We are all identifiable, names, location, color, economic level, education and family background. We have been labelled, and projected or doomed. Depends what is associated with our names.

The economic levels are reflective of social behavior, hence a stigma is attached to people from two worlds. Each society has this inherent quality, to divide and mark down or mark up. A person who has been torn in this division, will have to keep on hiding one side of their identity. if they have by will or chance migrated to another. Just as origin never leaves us, this association is very much fixed.

Why does one wants to erase own identity? It is mostly due to economic level and education background. In this situation, lies are randomly said to save face. A dangerous path for the vulnerable, girls are worried for their married life and career, boys too have a certain drawback.

Oh the misery of this transition, want to forget but someone reminds who I was and what I want to be, never leaving me alone to enjoy my success and freedom. Why do they smear with words that are a like claws that tears the newly acquired skin and expose my flesh. I bleed and bleed , but they never feel any sympathy.

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The rain and the breeze

I stand alone in a dream

Nature is my company

I love the feel

The drops hits my palm with force

I want to capture all of those

But no one can do that it seems

Rain you drop so many

Breeze you touch and go

taking away my sorrows

Love the nature that surrounds me

I love your company


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Rural development

We always talk and write about urban planning and management. Now it’s time to focus on rural architecture. Agriculture is important and to keep the land remain as a harvesting field we must plan now. I have an outline. Map all the fields to distinguish the harvest. Then find a location which has the worst production capacity. Use that piece of land as a residential area.

Next link all these low production sites with a transportation system. It can be a hover craft. The fields now needs to be developed as a levels, meaning we must go for multiple level farming. What needs ground and which produces can be elevated has to be identified. This will to some extent save land as a resource.

The edge where farm land ends and a transitional space starts that belt should be now a new housing scheme for farmers who owns or works in the farmland. Housing scheme must have all amenities and banking facilities alongwith transportation network and huge storage spaces.

The scheme should have a genetic engineering centre for advancement and learning of farming. The previous hand on experience of farmers and the new methods evolving for example in Netherlands can be a way to advance production capacity and enriching the soil conditions.

Rain water collection and redistribution must be planned for overcoming water shortage during summer. A vast field be set aside for cattle and poultry as a supportive food system. A mobile health care unit for animals must be available for maintenance of animals husbandry.

Milk and eggs supply to cities must be planned for best returns for farmers. The farmers should become richer than ever before as food is the most important thing in our lives.

The education system be oriented towards becoming best farmers as a degree. The students will learn more effectively and scientifically. The approach is to bring the land value of farming land more than urban plots. The economic benefits of living in rural areas will compete with cities.

Hence progress will not mean migration to cities rather it will be living in a farm land. The building designed for farmers be duplex with a double height space for creating better air movement. The light and ventilation be natural . Solar energy equipment be planned to become part of the building design. Hence each building will be self sustainable in their own pace. And contribute to the national grid.

The inheritance of land normally divides the land. The division should be in income and not on physical land. So that joining of land can benefit them more in production capacity. Privilege of living and working in a farm must be in terms of cash benefits and health insurance.

Let’s retain farmland and progress anew. Agriculture needs a fresh start.

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Winter is here

Once again
This year will end
will see leaves fall
twigs dry
sky filled with dark clouds
Will it be nice as before
less or more
fast too sore
slow to bore
Everlasting fear to ride
or pathetic layers of pride
making faces look too tight
lips pressed
brows joined
twitch and turn
look ahead
not behind
time has lapsed
will you see winter again
next year
like last
or is this your last
time passes by fast

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We all admire Originality . It has strength and honesty , innovation and purity. Anything original has a character, a song, composition, picture , recipe, design , personality a story ..the list is endless.

Each person wants an original item, fakes or copies are used but seldom admired. The point is we as human got brains and we sure want to use that , no matter where we find an opportunity.

Only lazy and uninterested  people ,  who can not compete or lack initiative go for copies when they are asked to initiate or design something new , otherwise everyone is craving for original concepts. It is everlasting and very close to nature.

I have corrected the post in light of Doctor Jonathan , yes I agree we do not need to invent the wheel again  🙂

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What will be new in future ?

I think we will get a chance to change the movie,drama etc on screen . Yes !

In the movie hall, all the viewers will be able to change the story line , as it progresses whether a villain escapes or dies, hero jumps or not and the segments will be joining and developing as we watch the basic play. How entertaining would that be ? Of course, majority would win , even the title could change from Love in Rains to sunshine 🙂

Just as our cars colors would change , as we want like screen , every time we want to match it just a flick of finger and there , red to floral yellows , trees and waves all as we want it to more paint job just a touch and lo! That is certainly entertaining.

We want to visit a far distant place and we log in to a system, and get transported to another location where the host must okay 🙂 , and no more airplanes and visas , just go meet, eat and return. or work and get paid ..what ever . Now there are security issues too , but remember the host will decide if you are invited or not , and you will leave with their consent.

Now lets come to sunlight, we will trap it within a reflected case, once it enters it keeps glowing and all our bulbs doesn’t need to have electric power. The heat of sun is stored in and latter used to cook food or heat our homes, and we are free from all bills..

yes….someday we will have direct material transportation from different planets , and use their elements to create medicines and fuels…

I am thinking and re-thinking….hmmmm


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Letter to Earth

Dear Earth 🙂

You have been assigned this rotary motion and spinning actions since God created you. And from you  ..Man was created and he does get buried too. He is not alone, from Adam to Eve , we the sons and daughters have been living, eating , swimming and enjoying the gravity pull. glad I don’t fly out aimlessly.

Since technological advancements were necessary for making life easy and fast , we did ruin your water level, polluted air and made you a sitting time bomb , with all Nuclear arsenal and installations. Yes , those who lament that earth is having trouble are actually guilty…they have contributed to this unbalanced abuse of your vastness.

I am letting you know, that we have now progressed and very soon will pollute the entire Universe , then as an apology will talk about ” How to save it” We have this habit , first we use then abuse and leave it to rot.

All this time you had us, we couldn’t ever control you though..for example if you wanted to have earthquakes we just got killed ,when water moved over us like a tsunami  we drowned and as strong winds blew us away like fallen twigs..we naturally were dead. Ah..we still think we can do something for you ..but unfortunately we are never together into this action…

Take care


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Rains in winter


Winter Rains brings smiles to lips

Walk not slip

stretch your arms and feel it drip

open your lips 🙂 drink a bit

the fresh droplets will  fill your heart

with hope and love..yes.that’s a start

close your eyes as you feel it seep

whispering is deep