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What to do and Not to do :))

Morning ! Time to wake up and stretch !! Take a warm bath if its winter and a cool shower when summer. Now , fresh look at yourself in the mirror..come on  smile :))

Thinking what to do and not to do leads to, first is , “you ” prioritize people, the list definitely has you as the topper.

Who are the friends, colleagues, family members  that directly   nourishes you . when you are with them, you are relaxed and smiling. Give them more time in your life. However, those who you meet as obligation, they deplete you and cause fatigues that is a result of depression. Cut, their time in your daily/ weekly/monthly /annual encounter.

Now let us take a review on, what did you buy? If too many stuff is never getting used, it is better to donate or sell those, rather than keeping it and jamming shelves and life with extra burdens. There, feels lighter and cleaner.

Next, the work. If you are given assignments, always do those on priority. Better to take up easier assignments first  and delegating lesser time. Finishing those, gives you a boost and confidence  that helps in addressing projects that are complicated and tiresome.If, your boss doesn’t appreciate, then share your triumph with the ones, who know it mattered to you.

Fashions and trends, are always demanding but never op,t for those to make people’s perception about you get elevated . You should decide what actually is comfortable for you, financially, socially and  timely.

Single? Then be happy and chirpy, but don’t keep on hunting and fishing too long. remember , too much time lost on hunting would leave too little for eating your hunt. So, if you don’t find your soul mate  don’t linger on with hopes for a better tommorow. People are never gonna change, and if that is what you want , then they are not the ones you want :))

Keep extra curricular activities as extra, these should not eat up your valuable time for real connections and work.

Borrow less and lend wisely, both has stress and tension. When you have to repay or also when you wait for repayment.

Stand up..Now think how many roles do you play? a parent,  spouse, worker, player..then see how much is your capacity to cope up with each. You are not super human.For each role you need energy , to give and take, sending positive vibes and getting rid of bad/sad feelings.

Any incident or accident that happens. Limit the pain to the actual time and till you recovered. Do not drag that episode by repeating the ordeal again and again  It revives the pain and the trauma too. Think, that it has already passed..let it yourself..let it go..

Life is all about living with love and hope, with people and work.Be useful and positive. It helps you and would certainly help those who come in contact with you :))

Have a lovely day! Get dressed and go go go :))

Development Nature

Dangerous Transition

There are four stages for mind to change its thinking or attitude towards living a life on earth.

First Stage : I am sure about my insight for good and evil. I choose good  and leave evil.

I am straight forward, honest and have nothing to hide nor fear.

I am an angel 🙂

Second Stage : I know what is good and evil, still for a reason or cause I opt to indulge in evil ways.

I am trying underhand dealings, manipulating ways and I got some secrets hidden away.

I am human 😉

Third Stage : I understand the values of good but then, evil ways are much easier and faster.

I got a darker side to my life, my close associates know about it, but I have convinced them

how it works. They will keep my secret too.

I am a partner with Satan. 🙂

Fourth Stage : I find goodness to be an idea, a theory only.

I have experienced and sharpen my skills in mastering the evil ways and I promote only evil.

I am the Satan 😦

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The swap

There were two couples. They had a normal life and had below average sex. The first couple were from higher  income level, they had a luxurious house and latest cars. My names for this couple is The Purples and the second couple were from higher middle income group and lived in an apartment. I call the second couple, Oranges.

Mr. Purple’s wife was extraordinarily beautiful with an equally sexy body. Mr Purple wore glasses and had a slim body. Mr Orange was a bit fat and his wife was very much average .

Mrs. Purple and Mr.Orange, met  at  dating site. They were honest to each other about their marital status and their hidden desires for arousing sexual sessions. They thought, why not swap.

Both, then discussed this idea with their spouses and finally after 3 months of persuasions their counterpart agreed, with a condition that they would not necessarily have sex.

This part agreed, the Orange couple arrived at the gates of the mansion. Mrs. Orange again asked her husband was he sure what he was about to  do ?

Mr. Orange was already too much excited and he nodded. Both went inside. The Purple couple had arranged a very simple yet nice  dinner. After, dinner the wine was served and they relaxed.

Mr Orange and Mrs. Purple who was almost drunk, left for the upstairs. Mrs. Orange was upset and started to cry. Mr.Purple came and tried to console her and one thing led to another.

Next, morning the Orange couple got up and left early. As, Mr Orange was driving, he asked his wife, ” How was  it?”

Mrs. Orange, ” As expected.”

Mr. Orange,” Good.”

Mrs. orange,” Was she…?”

Mr. Orange,” No.. she went upstairs with me..but the moment we hit the bed..drunk as we were..we just slept..till I got up early and came down to collect you from the main family lounge.”

Wife smiled and said, she was glad, but is ironical that you two planned and didn’t make unexpected.

Husband.” So..what. You two are always the boring type and last night was same.You didn’t do anything..”

Wife..”Oh! No..but we did..”

Husband,” You expected..”

Wife”That was expected was not it from us.”

Nature Poetry

When you remember to forget.

Life is all made up of memories

Mind is always so precise. Images are formed , sounds are deciphered , fragrance or odor, cold or hot. You never need to ask , mind knows it all. I sometimes want to recall names, places, dates and reasons for the rise and fall, for every mistake that was made

I want to know, what to learn and how to let go. maybe, it is an escape from age, from failures from loss, what is it?

I want to be but was unable to achieve. Wisdom, faith and honesty..that was supposed goals for me..wisdom came, faith retained and honesty..its fading away..that is what disturbing me. if I am no longer honest than I can not have faith nor be wise..I must remember not to forget, me.