Rural or Urban

Development is for  progress . Land is part of the resources, used and abused for making life easy. This sometime gets commercialized to a level that land demarcation becomes  difficult. How do we identify rural areas, basically with vast agricultural fields and water bodies. What if cities were to retain  water bodies and develop land […]

Befriend your enemy..make him your friend ;)

Can you share laughter with someone who hates it..even when you smile ? Can you sit and talk with someone who gets irritated the moment you step inside his space..Can you enjoy a meal with those who wished you were dead..Can you befriend your enemies knowingly ..and for how long ? Will it not drain […]

Chris asked me find what makes me happy

Does  a box of chocolate  makes me happy or gets me worried for gaining weight 🙂 Does  a love song , that opens my heart..making me cry..bring  smile to stay Do friends messages, replies and acknowledgement I wit for days Can I be happy on my own ? I asked myself..what can make me happy […]