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How to bring him to me

Walk along the ocean shore,

thinking about my love once more.

Watched my reflection on the beach,

thinking how can now I reach.

What will bring him back to me?

Tears won’t work. I have tried and seen.

Perhaps a song will help him feel,

how deep I feel in real.

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Will you last

Not the first nor the last

A fling from past

A time that was

A wave that washed

A moment lived

A life passed

Nothing lasts, so shall this pass

Lost in love?

No, not so fast

human relationship Life love Picture Poetry

Let go!

let go, let go

I heard this before

when my mate pulled the ball.

Or when I was about to fall.

When my lover left me

That was a bit crazy

He was a bit upset

with me for me

and a voice I heard

whispered to me

let go, let go

take it easy

When I lost the bet

When I got really wet

when they throw me over the net

Ouch! Easy!

Let go, let go

they said from far

as I chased them for revenge in misery

Then I got matured

I would get silent and remorse

But would keep my temper cool

I thought I was the only fool

Who fell for all pranks so easily

I said to myself

Let go, let go

past is gone. It is time

To let go, my sweet.

human relationship Life love Poetry

Time does fly

Stop thinking why

Questions tend to fry

Brain on flames that’s high

Reasons others have

they know and won’t tell why 😉

Deal with the situation. bye

You can always cry

Or you can try

Or walk away with a sigh

Or just get high

to stop thinking why

Perhaps then you will smile

even if it is a lie

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Simple and moderate

Never topped not betrayed

Didn’t get sky nor the soil

Was only in life to toil

Everything was there but never full

Half was empty half was full

.Houses were many; there wasn’t a home

Left alone was the status of unknown

Lived as breathing and died in wisp

Who can tell when silent is lips

Ordinary face, ordinary is the voice

Nothing remarkable even when in sight

Passed by and sat unmarked like the blank tomb stone

Ordinary still are more than popular in the room

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Full Moon

Moon is my lover, moon my sweet.

When it shines in full how can I sleep?

My eyes remain fixed, my heart skips a beat.

Moon you come for three nights, with light that seeps

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My memories

Beautiful memories, I recall.

It was September starting in fall.

I fell in love with a man of my dream.

Then I woke up 😉

and that ended the stream of love that flowed,

where I did swim and let go.

Now, we are no more.

He is him

And I am me 🙂

A little sad story

human relationship love Poetry


Words get stuck

Sound gets muffled

Pain and trouble

Helplessness double

that is a time

a single tear leads

flows down a stream

all that was trapped

is released and relieved.

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If you left my heart one-day

Tell me why?

I will make you stay

Was my heart a toy to play

Left like you met me yesterday

Now I see you

Now I don’t

Better decide

Leave or stay

human relationship love Poetry scars


Waiting to meet again

Endure the pricking pain

Heart felt crushed

And bruised

Now hope is strengthening again