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Why you judge me…

Are You Judging Me…
What are you looking at?
When you are staring at me?
Are you searching
Or finding me more or less

What are you thinking?
When you are talking to me?
How I understand your needs.
Respond to questions
Why I question you back ?
How I see you through and through
Can I chill your bones

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Are you revolting

I Wrote Something

Are You Surviving…
When poverty is your enemy
And rich man is your boss
you are living in agony
dying at no cost
dreams are so many
to fulfill you get lost
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Intelligence is attractive

Intelligence is only second to beauty. Not because, beauty last longer or short lived, it because beauty can not be have to be beautiful but intelligence..that can be matured and you can become intelligent. Education. experience, name it, all are the ways to transform from ordinary to intellect..once you are is to daily readings and keeping interest in happenings, after all, yesterday news can not be today’s’ headline. So..yes. I admire intelligence and I love when there is humor

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Books 🙂

… It is always fun to visit a book store. The range of books fascinates, the geography tells us about the various new countries popping up, and larger countries breaking down. Each year, the population graphs shown changes, mass migration or calamities, witness the shift in population. Then the huge architectural books, these are really amazing, the paper and the images inside, you want to buy everything. The art books, are normally slim, presenting few artist and their colorful paintings. Small, description are interesting to read, for some art work, I can see but never understand :))
I also, go to biographies but then,. I like mysteries and love stories, love to buy that ! Yes. I am already too naughty . my grand ma told me, books are your peers, those you will become that, just wait and see
I sometimes, like the woman magazine, cosmopolitan..those beautiful captivating..awesome..Then the cook book..nah!! not my type..I can buy..but as a gift for someone else . I remember, those books I bought 50% were birthday gifts, and after giving I borrowed and read , well I am a friend …so I get to borrow. In fact, my circle had this fabulous plan, each one buys few books and we circulate , good eh ! What are friends for? to share :)))

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Life… When I was growing up my elders explained.. try not to grumble nor complain. if you want to win hearts or be smart, try to be clever right from star.Never get slow tantrums are a big NO.
Be soft , glow, white as snow, pure as honey and bright as day:)
Kind understanding, love everyone but trust only yourself.
Be as you are, never change but improve day after day after da

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I Think Smiling Is Very Attractive It Soft Or Funny… Love they say has multi-dimensions, the one that gives it dept is passion. And, humor is the first step to a relationship..that would grow as friendship. Why..we want to be close? Simply..because in a certain group of people we smile..each one has own taste buds..yes we do get a flavor of some of the any courtship..I find it interesting..when we can play with words..and I don’t know about others..but I always smile when I get a soft harsh confusions..just a message that instantly brings the world of happiness..if I write I want to be…a fly away in distant look from above and in my feathers..I would carry warmth in cold breeze..this would get a reply..I will join you when you pass my territory..just don’t drop any beak…and we can then all fly together in a lala land..there our song would be..come join me..and add one word for the song we will write..birds of different wise.. my day begins and your ends..I am are frowning.. yes my night and your Monday morning
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Thank you

Thank you for replying , thank you for reading too

Post are all I come to see.

Each day something is new

we learn to re-think our views

I bow and write thank you

I feel I get rich and happy with you


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It has been a long time

From thriller to filler

From Plan A to B

From prized possession to compromise session

Not chosen but given

that has been a long time …

Now it is time to change!!

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When its dark

That is when I light up myself

When its cold

I try to hold

when it ends

I start again

when it is useless , I try to recycle

when its me

I look at you

When its you

I try and rescue

I am your laughter

I am your soul

I will be with you

even in a hole


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wanna fall in love again :)

If it is possible

and only if it is true

I want to fall in love with you

I did once before

But more

so , I want to know

can it happen like before

I wanna fall in love again

just for smiles

not for pain

no sighs invain

no tears falling like rains

I wanna know..are you sure:)