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I am the breeze

Along the seashore,

I am the breeze.

I fly with the seagull with ease.

I feel the peace that envelopes the scene.

I feel the blessings in waves again

I feel so happy and at peace.

I am the breeze.

I touch your soul

I filter your mind

I ruffle your hair from front and side

I touch and go

I return to see

Do you remember?

I am the breeze.

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Ice cream

The ice cream cone

It’s so similar to love

It melts so quickly

You lick it to save

You eat it in haste

Close your eyes to taste

Hold it tenderly to last

You want it fast

It brings you a pleasure

It gets you in mess

It’s like a test

Doesn’t last long

But hums like a song


human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Without me

If you can find happiness without me

then I am not your happiness

If you can feel loved without me

My love was never enough in real

If you can feel complete without me

I was never part of you, see

But I define happiness with you

my love as you

Feel complete with you

You can not change that too

human relationship humor Laughter Life love

Don’t be sad nor mad

What are you doing?

Yelling in rage?

Complaining complaining

No work no wage

Calm down sit still

Think a bit till

you see people sick n ill

Covid 19 has killed

You are lucky

You inhale and exhale with will

Live your life Love your wife

humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Love and life

Life is passing we all know

Rains in summer, winter got snow

You can move fast or go slow

Live today and let go

There is always love in tomorrow

Be a source of inspiration

For friends and foes

Turn around look ahead ..go

Be happy, be fragrant as rose

human relationship humor Laughter Life love

Dreams are dear

Tonight close your eyes

dream without fear

someone will come by

close to be near

someone will forget you

some you will remember

But tonight do dream

a dream without fear

Not all dreams come

to bring you tears

some are like fantasy

keep those dear

if someone hurts you

doesn’t matter dear

You have to be nice

even if it tears

Try to remember me

in your night with love

Maybe you will find me

In the roof top above

I am little dreamer

I visit many at times

find me dear

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View Point

In a physical context, where you stand or sit, even lay down and turn your head in a certain direction that is your viewpoint. The photographer does many sittings to capture a shot in long hours.We enjoy daily photographs on our Facebook, scenery, birds, big cats, wilderness and so on.

Each picture is awesome, brings a shine to our eyes.The painter brings up the concept from inner emotions and with colours, textures, forms a painting. His view may be different from that of a viewer. Some will appreciate others would not go inside his mind. His strokes, balance, composition, selection of medium speaks about his level of mastery. We the ordinary people enjoy the work and feel happy.

Sculptors are amazing, they chisel out something from solid rock. When you see the beginning and the end, you have a question. Really? But, he has actually carved it out

A poet writes his song or poetry, and we read or listen. The feelings with which he writes may not get absorbed or synched with our feelings, yet we may grasp something. When a singer then sings with a melody, it has a totally different level in its impact.

When we write a letter, comment, biography or report, we have in our mind a target group. We never write for ourselves, we write for a reader. This reader may at average has a reading capacity of 10th grader if you use difficult words in every sentence, the interest level will drop and pages would get skimmed and never read.In all our conversations, we have a you-viewpoint, which is a very old concept but still works.

The you-viewpoint that has been used is to be careful about the other person emotions and being conscious about your own achievement. With friends we normally are relaxed they are not a target group to benefit us. But, yes we should be very careful in posting images, comments, sharing songs etc, it may get a warm welcome or may shock/ annoy them.

if we keep on annoying them, one day will get left alone and have only our viewpoint which is not very educating.

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I have a crown

I am the King

I have a crown

If you are disliked

I will frown

When I say something

Keep looking down

I am the king.

Can order you to be gone

I have my palace

It is filled with songs

If you can listen

pick up one now

If you like to smile for long

if you do not, something is wrong

human relationship humor Laughter Life love


Questions you ask me

Sometimes I have the answers

At others, I don’t

Simple is the situation

Maybe I don’t know

Can you take a, “No”

Or must I let it go

Tell me why you ask me questions

If answers you already know 🙂

Is it that you want me to understand

A topic or a feel

I am totally knocked with puzzles

Those that hurt but never heal

human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Why you want me

Friends you want in life..

you want to know

why the other wants you so

Do you think

I am deep or shallow

Is it just friendship,

or no?

or do you have a list to make after I go

what do you expect from a friend who is far?

Who can neither hear your voice,

nor laughter

who can not hug you in depression

who can not lift you,

in your fall

Just wish you a happy day,

with a genuine smile

that is all :))