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Will you last

Not the first nor the last

A fling from past

A time that was

A wave that washed

A moment lived

A life passed

Nothing lasts, so shall this pass

Lost in love?

No, not so fast

humor Laughter Life love Picture Poetry

Confusion is that

Not empty nor sad

Not distressed, not mad

Not good nor bad

Confused is it that?

Feelings are changing too fast

tears to smile to tears back 😉

What do I lack?

Common sense !! please relax

Play a game or sleep on a mat

You will be okay after that 🙂

trust me, I had the some of that

A bit empty, somewhat sad

little distressed sort of mad

Not good and really bad

I have no reason for all that

humor Laughter love Picture Poetry


True friends remain true
listen to your dreams and blues
hugs you warmly stick like glue
when you are lost, they find you
Know your mind and heart too
True friends always remain true

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Kitten on the tree

Just wandering around and climbing a tree.
A lazy afternoon is always free.
Who can I surprise?
Who will come to me?
Looked around no one could be seen
Then a person stood beneath
Lo! he took a picture of me
I am still wondering
who can that be
Did send me the picture
I look so cute, can you see

humor love Picture Poetry

Butterfly in me

Take me with you to fly in the air
Or lend me your wings to soar, be free
I wish I could fly and see
the earth below, the tall trees
the mountains and fresh streams
the world from above!
said a butterfly in me
could you please

humor Life love Poetry

Love is a tease

The first rendezvous under the trees

The first I love you, as you felt like a breeze

The first kiss that confirmed that I could please

The first tight hug that never released

The first fusion left many creases

It was all the first and last tease

humor Poetry


my friend the breeze

it passes by the row of trees

touches the ground below

calls on the trunks hollow

whispers in ears to tease

carries the clouds to please

goes in and out of me

My friend the breeze

In winter it does freeze

I hug myself like a crease

humor Picture Poetry

Light and go ( repost)

Light the lamp

and let it go

watch it fly

from ground below

Light the lamp

and pray to God

hope you are heard

clear and loud

Light the lamp

wait to see

drift away like a breeze

humor Laughter Life Picture Poetry

I am the breeze

Along the seashore,

I am the breeze.

I fly with the seagull with ease.

I feel the peace that envelopes the scene.

I feel the blessings in waves again

I feel so happy and at peace.

I am the breeze.

I touch your soul

I filter your mind

I ruffle your hair from front and side

I touch and go

I return to see

Do you remember?

I am the breeze.

human relationship humor Laughter Life love Poetry

Ice cream

The ice cream cone

It’s so similar to love

It melts so quickly

You lick it to save

You eat it in haste

Close your eyes to taste

Hold it tenderly to last

You want it fast

It brings you a pleasure

It gets you in mess

It’s like a test

Doesn’t last long

But hums like a song