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I made it up

In clouds I made a castle ,it had all the strong materials. The design was flamboyant yet cool. I made it look huge , with imaginary tool. Invited all the Kings and Queens , with jester and master , in fact everyone who loves me or rather I do , are welcome to visit my castle and enjoy…all you need is to imagine..a horse ride..a floating cloud with castle on top…and when it rains…castle needs another cloud..look for a white fluffy greys nor black.

The castle allows visitors to change their looks . Those fat can be slim, short become tall , ugly turns out to be a doll. Close your eyes and imagine , smile as you see them change, their dogs and cats ..are no longer meek..rather have turned up as wolves and lions…

The castle has options to increase rooms and people , change menu and guest list.remember I made it up…and you canbreak it 😉

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Life continues

I am still alive

Will I make any resolution

Will I try ?

What will I change?

Or improve with me?

How will I get better

When am not as good as should be

what will make you remember

or forget

that time flies

in life.



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When life is upside down


if you must ..then live tactfully

if you will would get bowled out

if you hesitate…you are already gone 🙂

remain calm..stay can be short

or very very long




I got stuck inside

you look free ..outside

am so comfortable here

are you enjoying out there 🙂


Banana :)

Ever had a banana ?

Of course ..what is so special

Well…it has a cover and is naughty

what is so great about the peel and why  naughty?

we can always use it for making someone slip 🙂

that is naughty..and also


and also…when we think about a  banana..

what else can we remember….




really ?

OK..I let you go



Look at me :)

Turn around and look at me

I am just behind you..can you see ?

Now..that you turned ..I hid behind the tree

Again you walked..and I followed like a breeze

brushed passed you…left fragrance of sea

you felt a certain chill..yearned for tea

don’t get confused..I got tricks up my sleeve

always am naughty…as I can be 🙂

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Winter and Snow

A poetry in white
written by Mr. Snow 🙂
All over the Forrest
Here , there & everywhere we go
Little Miss Winter
smiles more and more
no don’t sleep late
you do Snore 😉

Keep the windows closed
and don’t yell from door
I am just near you..wait a bit no more

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Nag nag ..uhu

Married life is tough. Ask my husband and he will nod and nod and nod. Yes..I am always asking him to do this and directions is my favorite. It makes me feel in control. I always ask him to turn off the ceiling fan whenever he wants to climb up to get something from the overhead storage space. he avoids my instruction and thinks it is absolutely silly to turn it off.
Last week, he climbed up and whush the fan edge touched his forehead and it was a cut. Blood was oozing , the domestic help were screaming and one of them knocked at my door. I came out and it was messy..quickly tried and stopped the blood. Made him lie down..he wanted to view the cut , got him a mirror and took him to hospital..the doctor stitched and medicines and returned home…all because ..he never listens to this entire time..I kept on praying silently and assuring him nothing bad will happen..everything is under is a slight worries.
I still worry..what he is up to now 😉 men are really like kids..


Counting down

Everything has a price and life on wordpress too. I started to write for one reason , yes to see what I have written gets published. Few read my post and fewer enjoy 🙂 Yet..I love to write ..and re-read what ever and when ever ..rather where ever  I had time to jot down.

I thought, let me check how I stand ..I am and was  low rated ..nothing unusual 🙂 In this immense ocean of words , I am but a ripple with a limited life. Just as I emerge I end. My life ..that is virtual life would end by 2017. All this bla bla and yum yum would disappear ..all my publication !!! begin with I never wrote anything worth a buy..just couple of lines flowing out of my tapping fingers, a smile and of course the images I shared..when I die..what  have I left to know that we will die ..but let us live fully each day we are alive !! Feel it..let it go 🙂 Life has an end..we all know.