Laughter Life Poetry

The Valentine Gift


No chocolates no candies

No flowers, no treats

Valentine gift should be, to please

The heart that hopes for

The mind that accepts

The courage to face you

even when depressed,

It can be a thought
One smile, my friend

You don’t need to write ode

To love , till the end

I find it amusing,

we mark a day for expressing our love

A surprise, a shock a heart break or rejoice

when wrapped in hope, we present our self

to the thee..hoping you smile with glee

if not, acccept then rejection comes and land

right on our head , as we missed to hold with hand

the treasured life wine

my sweet Valentine.

Nature Poetry

Sculpture- by Celeste Roberge (DS Magazine)

22-649x627 31-649x503 42-649x432 (1)

Man is trapped ..wired and carries the loads in tonnes of problems, suffocating him , bending down and kneeling too..refelcted in his agony is the pain he edures..willhe stand up..ever..and be free..

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Bloggers are now my friends indeed


The word press Bloggers are my close friends 🙂

The time I started , I didn’t know where it would end.

Soon, I was within an delightful group of happy souls.

Those who blogged were both young and old.

They had stories, events, and photographs that sparkled like gold.

I was enjoying their presentation manifold, this is how I feel with what till now they told 🙂

Eric is a poet with full control

Stephen , got an edge in Mexico, where his camera rolls

Grishmanphotography ‘ bring real life in black and white for us to see

Sethsnap pictures give viewers opportunities to write a word, prose or poem for anything on tree

hastywords is  all love

Seenorway captures all of above

Ken Hudd can make you smile and laugh

Grosenberg  would give you food for thought

George vagabon can get rid of a frown

Clark Kent wears a hat for a  crown

Adam Isler speaks less and post more

Rubicorno bring life to the dead

John coyote I like the life you had in past

Lesley Carter, you are not the last.

Yarnwaselain, I find you soft and sweet sure look like a treat

karmatrendze is always trendy

Berry 556, has got a mind that is frenzie

hovercraftdoggy, where do you get so many ideas that speak

the old wolf has spoken is not a mafia

Siogese, I watch you stare at things

david kanigan, I like your passion and wings

The mind of RD Revilo is  deep and rooted

Chelsea are much quoted

JefferyTodd.what is this about

You are late like Ido

so many bloggers from 2012..and this year few has left..but theircontributionswould last in my mind, as long as I am her, and you can new post if you see..or one fine day, I would be part of history.

Just like waves that make ocean so strong,bloggers give their heart and mind

thank you bloggers for reading me, I enjoy your post daily 🙂

Life Poetry

Do you know ?

Do you know ?

what you don’t know 🙂

I don’t think so

For if you list what’s unknown

then you do know a bit

and that makes entry in wrong list

for you are suppose to not know

anything, any one any more

not even a name, or feel

can you then list..unknown

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Missed you

Missed your posted smiley face

the BIG LIKE on my post each day

thank you and warm welcome that stayed

Your presence on my Blogging  sites

Missed writing poetries on black & white

Missed smiling with you day and night

You are distant and apart

yet remain a memorable part

I missed you as if,  I missed myself

I was living but had no life

Development Life Nature Poetry

What do you see in me :)

Looks or charm

My potentials to harm

my sex or age

my height or race

my thoughts or words

my insight or right

Do I make you feel awkward

or can you still smile at me

I am a human being

Just like you are

Look at me..before you judge me

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Michael Grab – Composition with stones ( DS Magazine)


Stones are always so silent and inert, but when composed in right way ,sure moves your mood.

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ASK : Always Seek Knowledge

So, do you sometimes ask yourself 🙂

If, you think or say that other’s way are bad or improper, does it make you good and correct.

if you argue, ” what is” is actually not. does it make it not.

If you have not seen or know about a specific discovery or norm, does it cease to exist.

If you got limitations in your attitude and use of knowledge, does it retard other’s progress and prosperity.

If, you ask each day , each time you challege others on a concept an idea, a philosophy yourself too a question equally targetted, to understand your own capacity on that subject, it will make your questions more relevant and achieved.

You are..and your very existance does matter, so how would you make it worth while you are still here to ask and answer, life’s questions for you.

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Do you often say, before you think

And forget totally, what you did ink 🙂

Collect all happiness then add a link

Ideas are fountain, must dip and take a drink

When life is awesome, it does get passed in a wink;)

Are you with me trying to bring

A laughter, a thought refreshing enough to sing

Yes..that one. Always think before you ink

Keep it sweet, pleasant like a fresh water falling over a brink

Never let hopes disappear or sink

Words when dirty, they do stink !

Love and respect is what good speech brings.


Stay ..don’t go

Stay with me

Don’t let me go

Cause I can’t be alone anymore

Just stay with me

hold me close

I have built my world around you

and I don’t want to know

how would I feel without you

so just stay with me..don’t go

no no.