If happiness was a treasure..people would dig deep Kill others in sleep…but it is not If happiness was inner pleasure.. we will be content…no need to pursue another no need for lover or a friend Happiness is in sharing…caring…and loving finding it then means ..constantly behaving with love.. sweetness and all above…

No one but you

Decide..how ;)… when you find ..that you are alone No one smiles with you or for you..its time to smile at the mirror :))) nice eh Nobody loves you..you got to love yourself buddy..you can do it better than anyone. No one actually walks beside you..then walk alone..your partner wasn’t making the distance any shorter. […]

Are we protecting or destroying?

If we let our children get away with wrong doings ,simply by ignoring the act or covering it up, without a flinch are we protecting them or pushing them towards destruction? There is always a punishment/control for a mistake/crime , and it starts with a mistake , unintentional in the beginning and later intentional. A […]

Yes or No

A big applause to United Kingdom and Scotland for their tolerance and courage. Read and heard so many long speeches about democracy, this is the first instance  in history that truly democratic referendum showed the world , that a Kingdom can not only allow a voting process to take place, it goes a step forward […]