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Effects in Lumion

Lumion has many options to work with after the design is nearing finishing. The option to work as you create is indeed a luxury, normally the fear of redoing the entire thing stops us from thinking differently. The computer programmes have solved that problem, we can create and review that gives us a boost in our thinking process.
I used sketch-up for my design and then importing it in Lumion gives me the choice of selection in components.Temple2



Little heart

Praying to God.. I close my eyes as if I can see

I hope to be listened attentively..and be told will be

I smile sometimes ..with tears rolling down

Strange as it may seem

Whenever I feel God is listening to me

My heart beats loudly as if it resonates

my wishes will come true indeed

Blame Game

Oh the shame !

Someone started the blame game

It was not me but you

It was not us with glue

You got stuck with the UHU šŸ˜‰

Don’t look at me

Don’t call names

Listen to me..I am one of those

Who do the crime and still want to shine

I trickĀ  people and want their treat

I am the scoundrel will seek

I blame it on you!

You not me ..not us

I call out loud and point my fingers to all

Society, parents , children or spouse

They make mistakes so must fall !

Don’t look at me

Don’t call names

I am the one who plays this game šŸ˜‰


Having fun with someone or making fun ?

Laughter is healthy but laughing on someone is sick. Ridiculing and disgracing , how cruel and inhumanely ..should be restricted and punished. Earlier this kind of disgusting action were hidden, now it is public. Has societal values degraded , or people who are reasonable became weak and timid to the extent that they can not come together to oppose this atrocities.

It happens so often, gets headlines but seldom we read about the culprits getting punished. Too influential..or connected , bad people,Ā  black money and bribe has taken a new dimension in our society. Where everyone has a much is the question..has a price translated as power, wealth or status…


Who is sensitive and who is touchy ?

The person who feels for other’s is sensitive. The one who can only feel for own-self is touchy. However, many touchy people think that they are sensitive ! It is alarming for those with common sense.

Selfishness and self centered thinks and believes whatever they think about writing and blogging must hold good for everyone across the ocean. Writing in one’s blog should be about oneself, an experience that has a good message, not necessarily bragging rather sharing .

Subjectivity is important. Opinions can not be rules and regulation, it is only a point of view. Many write because that is how they let their inner self release tension and depression, it is mostly about themselves and I am sure few readers can relate with their situation , pain and agony. It is not a self projection ratherĀ  it is an attempt to safe oneself from suicide.

When I couldn’t wish but wanted to..

It was my nephew’s birthday and we did try to contact him but was unable to as we didn’t collect his phone number before hand. so he felt bad and that made me feel good because it showed I was important for him .

We did give him in advance his birthday gift ..which saved us from total embarrassment. So, our resolution should be never be late for any occasion as important as a birthday, for it is a moment of rejoice for the family. I think his parents were more offended than him. Obviously !

Aaaah time flies and we get lazy , we stop being prompt and prime, why? age should make us mature and we must think more about our end…one day we will be no more to send him wishes .


November as I remember

Since my childhood friend passed away in September few years ago

I remember her birthday in November with heart that feels soar

I recall my last attempt to wish her birthday

and came to know

She already passed away in September and is no more

I felt a pain surge inside my throat

I still feel deeply and tears roll down with roar

I lost just one friend and I think about those who lost millions in a row

Wars you take too much and give pain that lastĀ  foreverĀ  as life goes