I will no longer come to say hello

I am not sure why?

But it is true

I have lost you

I have lost so many

Moments of love


Unfinished words

You hide away from me

No need

When I will go today

Never to return

It’s sad

But it is true

You have left me

With a fina

lAdieu ❤️

Broken Heart

It never was so heavy

to carry

Never so difficult to gather

My broken heart 💔 pieces

It got shattered without any sound

Silence kills

Silent lips sealed

Silence is what for me is real

I will bow and take my leave

Be nice

Be happy

My last prayer for thee


The screams

Silenced with death in cellars

Freedom they got

But lost lives forever

Yes, they were chained

And tortured to remain

Slaves to the unjust

Uncalled pain

You shall not rise

But die in debt

Die in sorrows

Without a voice to vent

No one hears you

Speak not, now

We shall choke you

Burn you down

Who is this Devil?

What does he seek?

He wants power

And deny you speech

Lovable friends

When you do find someone who is 90% lovable & fun

it’s not only about finding

It’s about keeping as well

It’s not just clicking

but loving too

It’s not merely a word or two

the entire philosophy is meant in “me too

”friends are flowers

we never pluck

we take the entire pond to keep the duck 📷

friends are bad poets

but mean well :))