Last kiss

Broken heart calls in mist

feeling lonely, remembering the kiss

that lasted longer on lips

a pain surges like a fist

my sweet lover, how I miss

caressing movement from back to hips

holding me tightly, not letting me slip

broken heart feeling how it miss

sweet melody and fingers tip.


Love in me

You are not me nor can you see

How my heart sings in perfect melody

It praises your smile as a magical wand

Poetry of love, so engrossing and warm

Memories are formed like a tsunami at dawn.

Like a breeze that kisses so sweetly on lips



It bloomed in the darkest corner,
where light betrayed
No one stayed.
Yet, it bloomed
To spread the fragrance
and beauty on that day


I am your canvass

Colour me with hues

Shades of green, red or blues

Make my dream come true

where the earth is golden and the sky is fused

Trees are bare with branches confused

I feel so romantic , am I the muse


Forget or remember the news

Somtimes I forget to remember

Sometimes I remember to forget too

Life has challenges in its ways

I get passed with jumps or bruise

All hurdles are not easy

All paths don’t lead to you

But, in my heart I know this much

If I fall, I will call for you


After a long time

I found someone so delightfully beautiful

But cannot remember the name nor forget the face

Although a stranger who felt so close

Appeared like a dream, like a garden of rose

Understood my feelings , appreciated my ways

Comes like a dream to tease in night and days

Although have no reason, yet I feel it true

that person is a liar, am sure will leave without a clue.

Will I again feel sad, or will I come out from blues

Still I want to relive the moments that were few


Valentine Day

This year valentine has got colours and life

Those with beautiful lovely wife

Life is a journey and love is a mystery

Those who found it are blessed or in misery

But to be happy is a fate of few

Fresh and soothing like a morning dew

They hear daily the three words too

I love you


Love is green

So beautiful is the sky in the scene

Trees are happy, the grass is green

Love is tender, love is serene

The path is curving, end unseen

Who will bask in love with me

A fluttering heart is near to flee


Good Morning

The morning sun will rise and show

How beautiful life is in the ocean roars

How cool the breeze flows

Stand along the beach for more.

Birds of sorts will soar

Waves will greet the shore

Kiss the Sand as it retrieves to go

Morning brings me close to nature once more.


Tinga linga ling

I have not written my heart for long.
There is nothing right or wrong.
Just a feeling, when you are gone.
I find myself, lost in your thoughts all along.
I smile at you, I feel you close
When I dose off, you are my source
Of dream and love
Of laughter and touch
Of songs I sing.
tinga ling a ling.