Treasure is you

Luck brings in treasure

My treasure is you

I lost myself and then

found me in you

When I look into your eyes

I see myself smile

When I close my eyesI feel you close by

Like the heart that beats

soft subtle and neat

You, my friend

Are cute indeed


Unit in design

Almost everything we form starts from a unit. It can repeat to form a pattern like the brick in a building facade. Just by changing the arrangement, a totally new face appears. It is a visual art.

In music, we have notes. How each would sound, is composed. The musician is very cautious about the selection and sequence. Architecture is sometimes called, “Frozen Music”.

Buildings too speak, within a single structure the windows, plain surfaces, it outlines i.e. form gives you a message. When all the buildings are in harmony, people feel and relate to a clear message. At times, buildings are shouting at each other, then we can not understand anything, which creates anger and frustrations. Harmony and balance are the two qualities that enhance the built environment.

The built environment is a product that in turns affects our mindset.Sometimes, we visit historical places to understand the people who built those structures, it seldom talks about the common man. Huge Palaces, gardens and monuments are the representation of power and wealth. Still, we feel happy to be in that environment, we want to relate to the rich and famous, we try to own that historical era as ours but we do not actually live or think like them.

We the citizens of this world from all locations have formed a global community. The acceptance of the architecture style especially in commercial, institutional buildings and its repetition in design solutions shows that fact, globally we have synced into similar, material, building technology, working standards.

Now, everything is standardized so that one thing produced in a particular location does not necessarily be produced locally. rather it can be manufactured in another part of the world.Slowly and gradually we have arrived at a melting point…but we have yet to melt.



There are many masks ( source Pinterest) but the one we wear is the invisible one. Not everyone can see, we mask our inner self to deceive and please. Mostly to please , because our reality is not acceptable in a world where beauty is skin deep.

Where richness is never questioned , so we hide our poverty. We hide under a cover ,leading a masked life. Sometimes we hide our age, at times our nature ,our back ground for getting praised for who or what we are not.

World is a mirror and we the unknown faces , silent witness to unbearable injustice and immoral behavior. We have lost our souls in search of recognition from those who lie and impose unrealistic standards.

Can we ever free from the mask and become pure and visible?


ocean got waves

Vacations are many and most relaxing is the beach. Have you ever thought why? Let me tell you ; it is because the waves in the ocean has a magical heal. It sends its countless waves to touch your heel, and take away the sand under your feet. Sinking you inch by inch in the shore, making you realize that time is passing and you are with the nature, your value is no more than a minute passing in the universe.

It takes the burden off your shoulder from daily chores, it makes you choke when you watch the sunset or sunrise. The end and beginning of time and day leaves a strong sense of presence. You survived!

Survival is the most crucial of all feats, we try to defeat death , but actually death is never in a fight with life. Death comes to take us from life.


Oceans and Waves

Standing alone I watch the sunset, just like a life from cradle to grave. yet, the entire time it emanates light, heat and waves. It gives energy to all that it face, continuously moving and rotating in space. A cycle of life, will go on till doomsday.

I stand and think, what have I done in this world to link, my worth to the next world that awaits me as per my faith. I am a believer I know my place.

I have come to this world to serve and please, I have come to submit my will for the betterment and peace. Have I done my role as given or had I deceived?

Question is how well have I faired and passed or failed. Result will get announced one day. But then, it would be too late.


which colour is for me

Paint me in blue,

If your love is true.

Cover me in red

when you get fed up.

Smudge me in black.

I won’t get back.

leave me in white,

it is the moment I die.

Carry me with strokes,

it will end up in smoke.

Look at me on the wall,

I am a painting that’s all

The poetry was inspired by the work of an artist, Ken Adair.

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Don’t call me

I am leaving myself and wandering away

I may get lost or go astray

You can call but it will be a dismay

I have lost my memory in this play

Don’t call me I will not stay

years have passed like a day

I have walked in life journey long

If I die, please sing a happy song

My body lies in coffin flowers throng

I am going, going am gone.


Covid -19

Turn the calendar and come to 2020

But the problem is plenty

All the resolutions for this year

Has come to a standstill oh dear!

people are in isolation

don’t come near

no handshakes

no hugs for fear

lesson for us is clear

health is wealth

life is dear 🙂


I am true

I may not like something

Or I may do

Remember one thing always

I am sweet as sugar

fresh as honey

But never false in appreciating

What you present or share with me

A song or a painting

A joke or an image

It is called sharing

Even if it is virtual

My friendship is true

It is never false

It can never be

If I am a lie

then I am not , “me”



Words get stuck

Sound gets muffled

Pain and trouble

Helplessness double

that is a time

a single tear leads

flows down a stream

all that was trapped

is released and relieved.