Sunrise to dusk
The night is filled with musk
Love is filled to the brim
Life taught me to swim
In waves and tides
In the tsunami of lies
I kept fighting my head high
I tried to survive
Not once I let it go
I held on till I bled
then no more
I had died but didn’t fail

Gone :-)

So true, when you leave nothing is left except memories. No one returns to this world. All that you hear about spirits, well there is no fact.

Once gone, we will never hear a whisper from them. No smell, no feel.

They are all resting in peace or not? We would like to think they are because we want to remain in peace. We come in crying and leave others to cry for us. Both instances, someone carries us, we are unable to travel on our own.

Womb was a dark place and so is the tomb.

Cheating is ?

Cheating is mistreating, it makes us angry and upset for a very long time. Keep us on boiling, grumbling, rumbling and finally bursting . So, if you want to live in peace. Please do not cheat 🙂

Cheating starts from a lie. We lie most of the time? Well, stop that habit. If you are at home speak the truth, don’t say that ” I am on my way.” We think it will be better option, but actually it is not.

Try from now, today and keep it up 😉