How can you identify someone who is blessed by God

That person will be simple and straight forward. Always give more than you have earned. Will accept mistakes and ask forgiveness. Never get angry on personal matters but will not like immoral behaviour. This person will be a source of happiness, will make life easy for others. Will be helpful and down to earth. If you ever meet someone with these qualities, you can make out that person is blessed.

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Truth ?

Do you Like To Be Honest… Honesty is good…but don’t get it mixed up with being true is not really the truth..I feel..honesty means, to be as it is or as you are..not to be something else..for that would make you a fake..there is a difference between faithful and honest.
That is why , we have a favorite sentence, ” No comments ” . it saves from telling a lie.. Or..when asked a tricky question..” write pass ” . it does trigger a lot of ideas in the person’s mind..but he/she didn’t hear from me.
Why do we stop from simple. Got two ears and one tongue. Hear more and speak less, and always remember use your understand not only the question..but the consequences it will initiate..maybe a chain reaction. fast and get blown up to a mega size too, slowly people hear it often as rumor then they apply the age old saying..where there is smoke there is a fire ..burning..:))
No smoke no fire.. Honesty is the best policy..and speaking less helps to maintain that ūüôā

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Life… When I was growing up my elders explained.. try not to grumble nor complain. if you want to win hearts or be smart, try to be clever right from star.Never get slow tantrums are a big NO.
Be soft , glow, white as snow, pure as honey and bright as day:)
Kind understanding, love everyone but trust only yourself.
Be as you are, never change but improve day after day after da


Why do we lie?

Sometimes we lie , then it turns out..every time we lie. Is it contagious ? Do I want to try? The lies are my enemies..yet they smile so sweet. I find it hard to resist..I know it is wrong ..and a sin.

I get into situations, where I can not say a “no” , then when I make excuses, the lie comes in to help me choose..what will not be but I will confirm it will..and shift that problem..hoping it to diminish to a nil. That never happens ,it gets doubled and tripled in miseries …and those who valued me earlier as a friend…now look to severe ties in end.

Lies are my enemies…honesty is better..must learn to say a simple “no” and not loose my friends forever.


when and where?

Those that lives..must die. Now and or there..but they must taste death..sweet or sour. Some people want to live for a reason ..others are finding a reason to live…but those who got both..are they living ? or breathing..but then life is not the is a motion..that death¬† put it on hold..till we get resurrected for the Day of Judgement….who lives for that day ? Who wants to find a good report card , when we can not blame anyone..but ourselves..we can not hide..nor fun…just waiting for a very long be judged..and told..where to now? Heaven or Hell ?If score¬† gets equal…we wait again..watching heaven with hope and fearing there are no ropes within to climb out from this fire..that burns skin..mauls the body..hurt the soul…cry as loud as you want…no one can hold it down…the day has come…when will you be called…and where will you go ?

Did you bring any goodness before you died ?Any good can present? what? none….then you are doomed…and it is worst than death…it is a life forever..where you will die endlessly and suffer… were clever while you lived on earth..and did good deeds….YOU WILL BE NEEDING THAT !


when to say no

Nobody to say no

just nodded my head

or shook it to show

but actually to say it

i never could do..

felt like its bad..or unkind

although it was true

when to say “no”

is very important to know..


What..why ? When ?? Where ? and How!

What is the first question .. a mind races to identify..put a ¬†label describe and actually add to the list of known the ¬†unknown..when not known how can you list ūüėČ

Second is why ? ..why did what happened ..came to existence..or got burdened ..introduced..experimented..and finally imposed..that includes rules and regulations.

When ?..this part  is always related with time..present..future or past..we want to place it ..within a period..when will you start so that it ends..yes..the what which has passed why stage.

Where …location..we instantly look origin..was it from east or west..this plague..rumor, blunder..accident..innovation..trouble..excitement..and tsunami ..all schedules are marked but just the idea..its feasibility..and time has ¬†no use..unless you know where it is going to happen or ¬†already it..

How part ¬†is the huge execute a plan..a program you need to know how it works and will work to perfection..for that the series from what why when and where ¬†are again introduced itemized…

Life has so many “w” i love those..because..woman has a “w” too


Happy Birthday !!

Yes..all the year round we are celebrating someone’s birthday. People tend to criticize..evaluate is it a year less or that particular¬† person is lucky to be alive..and having us all for a tea we really need to witness her cut that lovely chocolate ice-cream cake…and why does it melt so quickly..what did she buy for me…? and Have I got that thing she wanted so eagerly…is it a birthday or PhD ?

Be simple..say Happy Birthday! if you have time and a gift..for love..and to share a moment .that comes¬† once in a year ..and be grateful you were¬† invited and you could attend…look many deaths and war ridden world..treasure these moments..of peace and never know if you will be home or on a sinking boat..escaping death , torture and humiliations..

Take life without a…that is your twinkle crown.


Say Yes…no? ..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

So many times..we like and dislike..but then a chance to voice my opinion..good or bad..and when I am blank..rather stoned to still… I feel..almost like zero..a very huge NIL. I ponder and sound..For, I speak¬† within my¬† mind..and you can not find the reasons I had to visit your place..this time..I will not “click” the like button..rather would write a sentence or two…Yes I like it..and it will be almost..presumably¬† true..My friend understood and sort of sympathized with my¬† bla bla..and finally announced a compensation..that MAYBE a poke button could be or would be..introduced..I felt good..I was silent..sometimes we smile..not because we are cordial but there is warmth..a good feel..

I am an ordinary blogger..with a “normal” average personality..I remain on surface never , dig deep..I don’t know what is inside ..and when it is hidden ..why should I expose..but¬† yes when I comment .. ..well done.. bravo! word I write is matter how many times you have read¬† it..or heard it..when I do mean it…yessssssssssss


Quiz me :)

Ah ūüôā the wonderful series of short quiz..a¬† play to find my personality..then post it¬† and show ūüôā what few questions can interpret about me..that others don’t know..but they claim to know close? Can they read my mind? Hear my heart ..small talk ūüôā NO !

Come meet me again..this time try to focus on how my¬† mind works..thinks up stories and poems as a reaction to photographs , articles or stories..why I must write a comment..when others¬† like and go..I want to feelings¬† for you…to tell you about what I understood and failed to appreciate..yes my comments tell you more about me..than a quiz could ever define my personality..sweet or sour..dangerous or sassy..come hard on people or always take it easy.