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Do you have a favourite :)

I never had or have any favorite. None.When I was at school, and like girls have scrap books to fill, I too had the opportunity to favorite color, author, book, song, artist, politician, etc.etc..but then I also had a problem ..I didn’t have any favorite but I couldn’t tell this to anyone..So..I thought ,,why not, just list it up and keep it to myself…and then refer back..I even listed , why it is my it gets toΒ  that level..bla bla..

Now..when anyone ask me..which color is your favorite πŸ™‚ I get blown away.. Is it green? No..Yellow ..nope..Red..a negation..none..I think..I can not have a favorite because..each color is really has tones, hues, shades and many things in a composition has color , as one of the many items that goes into making any product.

I faced, similar issue with friends. Some asked,” Who is your best friend ?”

How can anyone be ,”best” few can be close..but friends are all special..they are the souls I have chosen and they too have accepted me..with all my positive and negative sides…

Talking about sides..can a circle has any sides like a rectangle, square or triangle…answer is yes..the inside and the outside πŸ™‚

This earth has one sun..but other planets got more than one..if you ask those inhabitants..which sun is your favorite πŸ˜‰

Yet, it is true . People have a favorite , item , person ..Parents have favorite son or daughter..but then..doesn’t it make others feel they are less..or that parents are judgmental or/and biased.

So..not having a favorite means..I am open to the new / different ideas and people. It is not who said…but what has been said. I have my right to choose..and that may well be more than a few..How many ? Maybe all