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Bitter or Better?

Many people, incidents and steps are in life, we call them experiences. It is actually experiences of emotional upheavals. Negative and positive blends our character. Some times we emerge as bitter and at times as better.

Those who get better will not create problems for others, they have felt the pain and don’t want others to go through the same. Those who are now bitter , will turn their claws towards others, scratch them or kill them with words.

How do you cope up with bitterness? Ignore or revolt? Both, I think are logical. When we ignore, it is for escape and when we revolt it to end the sarcasm and bitterness.

Bitter people back bite, complain continuously, self pity and turn all others as demons :). Beware of bitter people, they will poison your mind and leave you hollow.

Try and turn them into better people with understanding and love, slowly and steadily first take out all their bitterness that has turned them into stone heart. Now fill them up with empathy and kindness.

Choice is yours’s get bitter better or let bitter crowd turn all better souls to bitterness.


Sweet or sour

World is place to be sweet or sour. Sweetness is beautiful, it comes from a loving heart. It fills up life with laughter and contentment. Bitterness is almost like hating someone, when your tongue is bitter it literally bites people. They remember how bad you made them feel, tongue is weapon of destruction or source of inspiration.

Sometimes it happens when you are sweet, others want to take advantage of your softness. That is the perfect point to change into a dangerously sour person. Bitter to the extent of gourd..okay.. that was a bit too much but you get it , right?

Most of the time be sweet, but at times be sour.Life has many flavors and these two are in vogue mostly. When you speak or think, use sweetness and limit bitterness.