My password

I am sure many have this problem of forgetting password. There are so many sites with instructions not to repeat password that I have to coin a unique one . Unfortunately, I forget all the passwords or get jumbled up.

Resulting in losing my access to my own account . I have many times written it in diaries and journals. But, then I lose that too.

Hence I use Mobile phone number to get a code. Now I have mainly limited myself to a single SIM card.

I recall a story in which the thieves had forgotten what the magical words were to escape the cave and lost their lives. Thank God it’s not that crucial.🤓


Listen….. i am..maybe that clown

If you can not hear me..I am  most probably not speaking…when you can not read my words..I have not written..can not see me..I am not there.. don’t feel me ? I am far away ….still if you connect with me..than something must be wrong…I have not tried flying for too long…I know..I understand that people “do” click..but I am not that type..I have no tricks..I am trying to get understood..but silence makes me sleepy…I feel you are bored or find my words empty..two people from totally different worlds..are suppose to be different…rather than be same…if you still find my excuses  lame..then I should be ashamed…trouble is I am not…does that make me duh! has its ups and down…and we do need a part time clown 🙂


Versatile Blogger








Thank you

Chris Thomas,I hope the link connects to your blog


The rules for this award is to link back and say thank you 🙂 to the blogger who nominates you.

Display the “The Versatile Blogger” certificate.


I have to present 15 bloggers who are worth to be classified, among , versatile bloggers.

  14. http://canoe and
  15. Versatile-Blogger/award

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The Liebster Award
The Liebster Award

I am really happy to get nominated for the-liebster-blog-award/2013/03/02 by rhubblog Thankyou soooooo much !!

The rules

1. Add the award logo to your blog.

2. Answer the following questions.

3. Pass the award to 11 other blogs and let them know.

The 11 Questions :))

Ques-1 What makes you happiest.

My Answer 🙂 Success

Ques-2 Do you love the Ocean or the Mountain more?

My anwer :)) I love both, so no I can not love either more.

Ques-3/ What has been your favourite momentof 2012?

My answer 🙂 When I got  nominated for awardat wordpress..I loved it.

Ques-4/ What is your favourite quote and why?

My answer 🙂 It is nice to be important but its more important to be nice. Because, it is really important to be nice 😉

Ques-5/ Do you like yourself?

My answer:) No. I never liked my self nor do, I just love myself with all the faults..

Ques-6/ Do you stay up till the stroke of midnight on the New Years’ Eve?

My answer. Some years I did..

Ques-7/ Something you wish to get done ASAP?

My answer:) I want to get admission in Master of Architecture at MIT.

Ques-8/ What was your favourite class , while still at school?

My answer:) Music.

Ques-9/ What musical instrument have you tired and learn to play?

My answer 🙂 guitar and dhool

Ques-10/ Anything you wish you had learned earlier?

My answer 🙂 Driving a car.

Ques-11/ Do you like to do craft or draw or paint?

My answer:) Yes..Yes..Yes.. all three

My nominations for liebster-blog-award are as follows :)))


2. Eric Alagan- written words never die.wordpress

3. Krek 3505- the




7.jean paul Elena



Beautiful blogger award-2013

Thank you Chelsea brown for nominating me for,” Beautiful Blogger Award-2013″


My nominations for ” beautiful blogger award-2013″ ; follows














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Bloggers are now my friends indeed


The word press Bloggers are my close friends 🙂

The time I started , I didn’t know where it would end.

Soon, I was within an delightful group of happy souls.

Those who blogged were both young and old.

They had stories, events, and photographs that sparkled like gold.

I was enjoying their presentation manifold, this is how I feel with what till now they told 🙂

Eric is a poet with full control

Stephen , got an edge in Mexico, where his camera rolls

Grishmanphotography ‘ bring real life in black and white for us to see

Sethsnap pictures give viewers opportunities to write a word, prose or poem for anything on tree

hastywords is  all love

Seenorway captures all of above

Ken Hudd can make you smile and laugh

Grosenberg  would give you food for thought

George vagabon can get rid of a frown

Clark Kent wears a hat for a  crown

Adam Isler speaks less and post more

Rubicorno bring life to the dead

John coyote I like the life you had in past

Lesley Carter, you are not the last.

Yarnwaselain, I find you soft and sweet sure look like a treat

karmatrendze is always trendy

Berry 556, has got a mind that is frenzie

hovercraftdoggy, where do you get so many ideas that speak

the old wolf has spoken is not a mafia

Siogese, I watch you stare at things

david kanigan, I like your passion and wings

The mind of RD Revilo is  deep and rooted

Chelsea are much quoted

JefferyTodd.what is this about

You are late like Ido

so many bloggers from 2012..and this year few has left..but theircontributionswould last in my mind, as long as I am her, and you can new post if you see..or one fine day, I would be part of history.

Just like waves that make ocean so strong,bloggers give their heart and mind

thank you bloggers for reading me, I enjoy your post daily 🙂