Come smile with me

I will happily
each day
each night
Yes..if you start
will smile and send
warmth to feel
that happiness is real 🙂

Come smile to bring
that sound ..a ring
tingling a ling

Quiz me :)

Ah 🙂 the wonderful series of short quiz..a  play to find my personality..then post it  and show 🙂 what few questions can interpret about me..that others don’t know..but they claim to know close? Can they read my mind? Hear my heart ..small talk 🙂 NO !

Come meet me again..this time try to focus on how my  mind works..thinks up stories and poems as a reaction to photographs , articles or stories..why I must write a comment..when others  like and go..I want to feelings  for you…to tell you about what I understood and failed to appreciate..yes my comments tell you more about me..than a quiz could ever define my personality..sweet or sour..dangerous or sassy..come hard on people or always take it easy.

we write with or without a read

we write..just as we speak..only words are silent until literate eyes read..and the message is registered in the mind..questioned or left untouched..just as throwing a stone in bottomless know it was has a weight..yet never know what it touched as it dropped..has it landed or still moving with gravity..endlessly..forever…when someone feels or clicks on like..leave a comment or follow us…we know it has come in contact with another mind…another soul..another heart…

Counting down

Everything has a price and life on wordpress too. I started to write for one reason , yes to see what I have written gets published. Few read my post and fewer enjoy 🙂 Yet..I love to write ..and re-read what ever and when ever ..rather where ever  I had time to jot down.

I thought, let me check how I stand ..I am and was  low rated ..nothing unusual 🙂 In this immense ocean of words , I am but a ripple with a limited life. Just as I emerge I end. My life ..that is virtual life would end by 2017. All this bla bla and yum yum would disappear ..all my publication !!! begin with I never wrote anything worth a buy..just couple of lines flowing out of my tapping fingers, a smile and of course the images I shared..when I die..what  have I left to know that we will die ..but let us live fully each day we are alive !! Feel it..let it go 🙂 Life has an end..we all know.

Home Work :) is the bitterest blog on internet.

I must write about how does bens bitter blog rate on internet. I hardly read about bitterness and to evaluate meant to surely read a few blogs that does write about bitterness or are bitter.
Bitter Sweet blog at is about yummy recipes for preparing a delicious treat that has underlining bitter to make sweet taste better 🙂

The Bitter blog, is actually very inspiring and has ways to deal with getting rid of being bitter.
The scorned and slightly bitter blog, has a bit of complaining and ranting
Zack Bitter blog is not very bitter 🙂

So, in short all the labelled bitter blogs were not about promoting bitterness , it was planning an escape. People always have basic two ways for inspiring others..present ugliness to avoid it through hating or present it as part of life’s gift and accept it.

Now..why did I end up with a home work ? Me and my BIG mouth..yep I wrote to Ben that home work is good !! was I dreaming ? ouch !! had a bad awakening ..landed up with a 5000 words..I hardly write 500 words 🙂
I normally talk much and write less..for I don;t like to read a very long article..and I feel that others maybe like me 🙂

Now, let us come to rating Ben’s Blog about bitterness is better 🙂 The idea behind Bens’ blog is to present views about everything or anything in life, through an episode that seemingly tends to be bitter..but is actually better. I think, that is what his blog is about. No. I did not copy his “About” write-up describing it.

Please read all that is bitter and evaluate bensbitterblog, kindly email your evaluation to me. This way, hopefully I can complete my 5000 words assignment .
Question is..if I do submit my assignment will it make him happy or bitter? If it will make him happy..then the whole idea of a bitter blog gets a red mark on the other hand if it makes his we want to make him happy about bitterness ?

I think, the question is ,” To do or not to do” my homework ?
Ah! that is a good option I will add a poll..all those who wants me to complete my assignment should send me their article about ” Whether bensbitter blog is actually the bitterest on internet ” and those of you who don’t want me to keep my words..are free as bird.


Image WordPress..has made many a leaders..well after fifteen months of blogging I get an award..500 followers..

 I am really grateful..those who comment..I am overwhelmed by your interest..those who like but never read..I am thankful..those who have agreed to follow but got better things to do..I acknowledge you..

thank you 🙂 WordPress for making it happenImage

Best Moment Award


I have been nominated by Mike, mikew66 for best moment award , his blog has travel, poetry with passion captured within them.

The rules are simple for this award.
1. Create an acceptance speech either byvideo or written speech post.
2. Pass the award onto 15 bloggers.

Acceptance for this award , is a thrilling moment. We , live many happy sensitive and passionate moments, as we write or post images. As a blogger, we contribute and share with others , our feelings as reactions to happenings.We promote or refuse to accept the norm, thus building a voice ,a moment for our self and for others.
In this moment, we live many spans of time, just as the rainbow..colorful and high, can see and feel…making us smile each time it appears, we want to see once again..the sky and its beauty.
I want to live moments that make me alive, each time.
Thank you Mike, for awarding me with ” best moment award”.
I am truly honoured to accept this award.

My Nominations for this award 🙂

  1. Pedro Holderbaum
  2. sethsnap
  3. Jefferytodd
  4. iamforchange
  5. The Dimwit Diary
  6. colorfullifeblogger
  7. Valerui D.G. barbu
  8. tuttacronaca
  9. supernova
  10. scott26088
  11. Steve Mitchell
  12. randomiser 144
  13. Jamie Dedes
  14. Tammye Honey
  15. Owl Mc Cloud

I am happy to nominate the bloggers , congrats for making the moments come alive !