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Inspiration a word used by many. Inspired me , a picture to write a poetry and a poetry  that made me paint/ sketch a picture. Images, inspire and books too. When, we call books our friends, it is because they remain silent on the shelf collecting dust, until we pick it up and turn pages to read. We, can buy those friends in paper bags.No..books are friends because, the author is speaking to you, informing you about a theory , explaining  you a discovery and giving you a recipe . Talking about recipies, I find all the chef cooking programs very entertaining,especially when they slice and stir, that magic in their hands..superb. the only thing, that is important..because, some of us live to eat and those of us, eat to live are always skinny and not really funny. I found, at an average, that thin people tend to be misers and they keep grudge, as if it will fill up their empty growling stomachs on the other hand, the chubbies are cuties and they have a large heart not heart enlargement.No. The second group , is busy with diet plans that are made perfectly and kept on shelves for ever. On whose side am I? Thin or fat. neither. I am an average person and I always sing one song ( actually many songs) but this one is my favorite. I am a average person, I have a mediocre taste , people think I am funny and usually  a waste, elite tend to stay away from my company , but I am happy to sit on the boundary wall and lick away honey.