I am thinking

I come with wisdom, not found in books..hmmm..I know where you look :))

But, then I wanted you it is a fair stray..when eyes they see..stare and stay..sometimes longer than know why? it is like capturing those moments in your life. Secretly keeping them away, corner of your mind..reload retrieve..and smile…I know.I do the same when I am alone..and think about relationships.

I never want to change or mix, parents are never friends..not because they are not my is for one one in the world wants to be my mom or dad :)) Secondly, your spouse or not your lover..not anymore..for love got cemented when you two vowed, before the priest or alone..but you committed so, no chasing anymore ..she doesn’t wear make-up or try a new dress for you and you forgot to open the door :))

Children..never even think of them to be your buddies..they get out of then feel you are their captive and they are free to go . Siblings are free and they must let you be, as you interference needed. Teachers, boss or the top brass..they must be kept away..for they make you small..when you are average.

All this come to friends..pour your heart out and they stay..give them all secrets..they smile away..come trouble they debt..they bail you sorrow..they pull you through..when alone..they make it fun..throw a party..they wash all that’s turned dirty..and you thought that your parents and kids could take their place..there is no replacement of the ones you chose..none



Head of Medusa
Enchanting yet deadly
Will turn you into stone
Still and ugly
Beware don’t kiss
She hissed clearly
Escape before it is too late
Miserably ❤️

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Intelligence is attractive

Intelligence is only second to beauty. Not because, beauty last longer or short lived, it because beauty can not be have to be beautiful but intelligence..that can be matured and you can become intelligent. Education. experience, name it, all are the ways to transform from ordinary to intellect..once you are is to daily readings and keeping interest in happenings, after all, yesterday news can not be today’s’ headline. So..yes. I admire intelligence and I love when there is humor

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Life… When I was growing up my elders explained.. try not to grumble nor complain. if you want to win hearts or be smart, try to be clever right from star.Never get slow tantrums are a big NO.
Be soft , glow, white as snow, pure as honey and bright as day:)
Kind understanding, love everyone but trust only yourself.
Be as you are, never change but improve day after day after da


Happy Birthday !!

Yes..all the year round we are celebrating someone’s birthday. People tend to criticize..evaluate is it a year less or that particular  person is lucky to be alive..and having us all for a tea we really need to witness her cut that lovely chocolate ice-cream cake…and why does it melt so quickly..what did she buy for me…? and Have I got that thing she wanted so eagerly…is it a birthday or PhD ?

Be simple..say Happy Birthday! if you have time and a gift..for love..and to share a moment .that comes  once in a year ..and be grateful you were  invited and you could attend…look many deaths and war ridden world..treasure these moments..of peace and never know if you will be home or on a sinking boat..escaping death , torture and humiliations..

Take life without a…that is your twinkle crown.


Freedom is Independence

realize is important that you must behave..and be sweet/acceptable..but that should not limit your self..You must have free thought to open all locks..all veils must drop..and you are no longer scared to show the world ..who you are…But ..before you get this freedom…did you pass the test..of self evaluation…Independence  needs few requisites..Honestly..Positive Attitude..knowledge ..and Logic..No matter how  important feelings are..but hurting never got things better…give others their right to freedom before you claim yours…Let  live and be alive!

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How much can you take ?

Reality vs fake , genuine vs copy ..slowly things are losing that inherent quality that is basis of anything. From products to relationship, smiles that never reach your eyes..dies on your lips..laughter that is hollow to hide the roaring anger or depression within…faking it all to live in a theatrical life. The show is always on, you can not say the truth because it will not be accepted.. and you lie..that is a fabrication..twisting and turning..hiding and misleading…How much can we take this fake ? Cosmetics  has changed the natural look to an extent that real skin , eye colors and sight  doesn’t reflect your origin nor age..we are trying to cheat..people think we are.. what we are not ..but what we show them to many layers will be washed and torn away before the real person is deep must we investigate ..we don’t trust anymore..because in a world full of fakes..the real ones are difficult to find..and we have  lost our ability to evaluate/recognize the genuine  heart, intelligent mind and loving soul..

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Perfection is a need..indeed :)

dezeen_Stonescape-by-Kengo-Kuma_2 whether you  realize it or not, but perfection is the other name for survival, for beauty  and life. Composition, spatial arrangement , links and effects all must be in perfect harmony for any space to become a place. A doctor or a surgeon must prescribe perfectly and operate exactly or someone will die . You must wear, clothes or makeup ,hairdo fashion shoes perfectly matching your size or you can trip slip and fall. When we are cooking , we have to be perfect at all stages or waste the ingredients ..Politicians can not make any mistakes for a single approval or denial will lead to wars, famine and deaths.

Justice needs perfection,  and so does your family relationship..I used to think imperfection can be accepted , but when the documents displayed another department instead of the one I belong to..I didn’t accept the mistake..I wanted my certificate to be perfect.

Perfection in everything is needed, it does tire , take more time and effort , keep us vigilant and escape no short must be lived fully or it is wasted..So..from today..try to be perfect…in everything you do..It is not impossible just a bit difficult.


Roots/Origin are important :)

Plants have roots to live , to connect, to survive and so do we 🙂 The homo sapiens ..we, who live everywhere and anywhere..highly mobile..mass migration and cross cultural marriages is blending our races and we write about our heritage/inheritance in percentages..who are we and why we need to relate to our roots ? Time and again..we popularize global culture and international seems logical..

Earlier everything was manufactured with location and origin, now the technology is Japaneses and is produced in Korea and assembled in China. Earlier in one geographical location, in a single factory unit a product was produced. Now, its production is scattered all over the world, where labor is cheap or raw material is in abundance the production sequence gets completed and transported to next country. Interesting, but then what should the label read..made in ?? .The originally manufactured items are lesser or not within our reach at Bangladesh.

Is Geography important..if not then why not ? Location is very much related to people and their thoughts, but as technology advanced we have crossed the boundaries to improve our living standard , rather comfort levels .Yet, we think differently and accept attributes in a variety of ways..It is but unique to belong geographically and yet connect globally. The effect of Internet has led to many changes, generations now are more on their seats than on their toes, children play but seldom in field..more they get glued to their computers or phones..their sight recede..yet their vision exceed..they have acquired skills to collect data and use software for better presentation. Artificial life..mostly indoors, children run less and play hide seek on desk top or mobile phone.

Friends are virtual, and those in real are not close to heart. A change is fast removing our roots and giving us wings to  fly..are we now birds..or insects..why we no longer belong to a nation or a location. We, have changed the way our roots were connected, now we can connect anywhere..for it is everywhere..

Will this bring an end to World Wars ? Do we still want to conquer and conquest ? Or each one of us have someone we love on the other side of this Earth.

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Yes Man ;) on , “NO man’s land

Life was so peaceful and orderly. But, then nothing last forever..and the question was pressing..The elites of the Rumor World ..were evaluating the rumours and found that each could be used for their own benefit.

What was needed was lots of mirrors..Why ! For reflections  of course..getting a yes man for all occasions was not available..or rather the faceless and voiceless were becoming arrogant ..individualist..always asking why and why not.

Elite-1 , the super duper, had much thoughts about how to capture the rest of the Rumor World..He proposed..that instead of humans..the world was in immediate need of robots and animals. Humans..were just too fussy..they wanted to know..understand and question.. Oh! the questions they asked were  really idiotic..but not being able to answer was equally disturbing.. for example..they asked the elites..why are they labelled as elites and others as commoners..why were they not equal in casting votes..why elites were authorised by themselves to decided about the commoner..imagine such devious questions to elites was unimaginable and inappropriate.

Elite-2 and Elite-3 were in total agreement..they felt the urgent need to crush those commoners for such felonies..Oh! the audacity to challenge the concept of democracy ..of course the elites were 100% democratic. They had five members in this high profile elite cabinet, and always voted as was right..what they thought was right..rather what Elite-1 presented as right was  obviously right..otherwise..they would lose their rights to be member of such a prestigious cabinet.

The commoners had no brains..if they had they would be as rich as the miserable and just sheer have landed over geographically on locations that had rich a definite mismatch..this was outrageous.. All the elites agreed..I mean the majority.. this cabinet meeting they decided to eliminate the Human race..who were living as commoners.. There was ample of reason. First was food. The production of food was enough but since the commoners were so many. it was always in demand to produce more.. To balance the amount of hours and labor required to produce affordable food.the easiest way is to kill all those, who make a chain for consumption.. its after all a friendly fire, where drones are used aiming at masses..good thing is..if drone gets hit..the loss is only  in terms of one from elite side is effected, on the other hand the commoners are easily eradicated and no one remains to complain, about food.

This super duper  insight to the food demand,had such an easy solution.

Now come to the fact, that human rights issues are escalating.. Commoners are not treating their counterpart as equal. So elite -1 and Elite -2 thought, if they replaced all human with robots..that would be kill two birds with one stone. Since, there will be no humans..the question of human rights problem will be solved forever.

Elite-3 had a futuristic vision. he thought that animal kingdom is facing extinction, so we should preserve them and since food production would be reduced by the cleansing process detailed by elite -1, they can now be more focussed on the balance of green area and natural habitat..after all the elites must have everything in proper proportion.

Life would be so peaceful, green and clean..once all commoners are people from the past and elites would be able to work fast..on”No man’s land ” with just a, Yes man 🙂