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Equality, Development and Peace

Nations are different. Politically, culturally,historically and geographically..all merging and then emerges economic divisions. So, diverse and different, so how can equality be achieved. The Nations with hundred years of life span, are mature ,stable and visionary when compared to the emerging political identities. Those struggling to develop an identity or slogan that unites them as single nation, making them unique in their existence.

Equality, in getting opportunity to practise rights. Equality in expressing freely their ideologies irrespective of their background. Equality in aspiring to and being an inspiration to the upcoming being equal even if different.

Next, is development. What part does equality plays in opting for developing one’s nation, can adjoining states drill for energy sources without a fight? Can they vote for or against, with equal power. Does it matter who does it , as long as it is correct or right. Questions they move and target leaders in societies. Politically and economically, can each have right to get developed as suitable  for own or does the super power nod means everything or nothing. It is like a bully or a master relationship between the nations.

Peace, the last part but disturbed when equality and development are missing. The frustration and at times limitations, makes nations angry and vulnerable to stringent measures. Of course, it is a game. The survival is for the fittest, the best nation wins but does it mean others should cease to exists or it means, there are lesser valuable people and more important personalities.

So, the basic equation is…:)

Equality is Justice

Freedom is the essence of Justice.

Freedom to choose and to be 🙂 equal is Just..Justice

and Peace a by product when equality and development prevails.