daily prompt -fight or flight

Now..that is more of a decision.

I have one basic principle, if you can not win never fight :)having said that, I always have an inner  urge to speak up..and let me tell you..I never can control that urge. Then..yes the other side has to fight back..but did I start  it? 

Guilty :)))) well..I am learning to improve  on my self control..but I do get into a what do I do ? I remain may accuse me  but I am going to stick to the topic..sort  of detach from the issue. Family matters are different, where relaionship does  involve you as in person..that time I make one favourite statement,” even if I disagree with you and am against this issue..but I love you and that never will change” So, its like a combination of fight with flight.

I fight the issue but not the person, for I can hate the sin but not the sinner…


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daily post : impossibility

Let me think what falls under impossibility…

It is impossible to reverse sequence of the night to come before day.

It is impossible to ensure our actions, although we are sure of our intentions.

It is impossible, to bring dead to life.

It is impossible, to know where we get buried, although we may buy our graves in advance.

It is impossible to make a list of unknown, for the moment we write , it means we know 😉

It is impossible to know where we came from, before arriving on this earth.

It is impossible to capture fragrance .

Possibility is within our capacity and impossibility is what is beyond our range, physically and with thoughts.