The Daily Prompt- Sept. 9th : The Prompt ” Write about building something”

Write about building something..forever  or for long..or for moment..What can you build ..a structure..a monument..what is a ,monument..I think, it is physical entity reflecting a theme..a voice or build it  and not live it. Build it, because you want people to know what your idea is, long after you are dead and gone..although it is your idea but others can live by it..for long. Or, perhaps you are afraid of not leaving behind a legacy and this built structure , of material and form, would be there as a prominent identity..sometimes to serve as a node..others to generate money  or just to reason ..except a landmark for making a right turn, before or after..So, building something has an effect.

Built form influence people’s psychology and , why is it built in the first place..its because of the financier  psychology or reason. Structures lives longer or shorter depending why it was built..mostly monuments are this ever changing materialistic world..

What else do we build ? Nations..people ..values.. Seems very much from the book..”When I don’t care” attitude is so prevalent , values seems like a phantom from past. Each one makes their own criteria, not bad..just  much so..nothing is general..We, get confused..whether what we do is correct or not..some of us  look up in our religious teachings, some refer to their customs, few get into trends..more confused group ..get into ” answers and questions” ..where a leader or just  members with similar or lesser background , give their opinions..we build up on reasons  through votes by those who are in that forum..and we get a new version of acceptance…

We, also build relationships..takes time, effort and skill. It is a 24/7 job..there is no must be continuously aware and beware of any wrong move..that includes forgetting birthdays..ooops.

In builds, relationships are built, structures are also built and nations are built.

Daily Prompt -Silver Lining

What is ugly ? Is it to do with physical aspect of things and  people..or is it to do with feelings of disgust, hatred.

War, crime, violence is it ugly.. Does it makes humanity inhuman ? ..butsometimes war is needed for making peace. War for peace..isn’t that kill few to save others..those you kill were ugly and those saved are beautiful.

Now comes justification..if majority of literate minds can understand and agree; will the killing action be justified ?or do we engage that majority to first  feel and  develop empathy..Will you shoot someone  becaue you find the radar detecting  life form ..or you will wait and see, who is living before you shot them dead. Will you label people as guilty  before proven innocent or people are innocent  before you execute them as guilty. 

Who will decide and who will be judge ? What is ugly..genocide ? Freedom fights ? So many things that are ugly makes human feel lost and their  hope for a just society  evaporates..suffering prolongs ..till the group who suffered will not tolerate it anymore.. finally they revolt and wage a  get out of that ugly or beautiful ? 

The only thing that is good about  a dark night  is, it awaits for dawn.

daily prompt

Goals for blogging..Image

as this picture goal is similar ..yes it was just one goal but had different  lights, effects, angles, colors..which led to mood swings, laughter, tears and a mixed feeling when I got my emotions..but it was my goal..which  is  to be escape inner self to an audience , who sees me behind the words, who listens to my  poetry and feels agony, pain, humour in my comments..I react honestly on the post I read , pictures I see and people I meet…its a way to know so many human beings, coming from various back grounds but all got one commonality, they are bloggers..and I am trying to be one of them..although I am a bit a way..that I keep ” blogging” as a media and not the goal times I want to excel in uploading and managing a widget too..but somehow , I get a mood swing and go off to another’s post and enjoy reading that..there are times..when I re-read and write those  words that I feel inside , as if..awakening my soul..people got power and energy lets say…I am blogging ..for keeping myself surrounded by views, opinions, jokes and has all aspects and bloggers I will always respect..