A great mind a good heart. Mr. Rezaur Rahman .

A real man , who had courage to face all odds ,yet pursued his aim to make education affordable to many youths of a nation still struggling to be “A middle Income Group” . He was resourceful in generating  funds for scholarships to many bright  minds. that may never have got any opportunity just  because they couldn’t afford. This was  indeed a contribution to society and humanity.

People earn and gain prosperity to satisfy their  own needs or wants, not Mr. Rezaur Rahman he took responsibility of his immediate family and also of the many students , who will now study at Ganit Bhaban Building , at Dhaka University  , financed by AFM Mujibur Rahman Foundation .

The legacy he left behind are those   minds, that  have achieved much in life by getting a support at right time by  his foundation. Education , is the most respected and important  part of any society , his contribution to this life  line , has saved future of tomorrow, our youth.

We must salute the greatness of Mr. Rezaur Rahman, who led a life that surely will be a source of inspiration for others to follow.


He may have died..but he will live eternally in the heart and mind of students he helped. We are praying that he be Blessed as he had blessed us, we pray that he be given a better place in heaven as he gave us a better place on earth…each heart prayer is with him…he will live in hearts for long.