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The People’s culture.I find cultureto start fom geographical location, it is the first contact with nature. Then, to live with nature we tend to adapt to its tempeature, weather change with clothing, type of shelter and earning/food production. This gets popular and trend settles into customs. After years pass, we find people belonging to different location having climatic differences, wearing clothes and eating food, that relate to optimm comfort.

The survival with nature, perhaps teaches us to develop food, shelter and clothing. When food pangs are no more disturbing, its time for human mind to get into intangible aspects of culture. That is religion, politics and of course technology in minting money.The more advanced the nation, the better their living conditions and their effort to learn adn tame nature. The ethenicity, become part of heredity and identity.

Those born in a certain family or region, would inaverdently inherit those cultures, and live comfortably, unless few other rules are introduced from the intangible circle. In todays, time we have technological advancement in communication, commuting and transportation netwrok. Idea, people, goods all are moving from one end to another. Grown inone continent, the vegetable reaches another for the breakfast.

This inter-connected status, hasled to first impression in buildings. All buildings appears to look similar, as their weather related issues are solved through technology, people have started to change their origna; cuisine for making it mroe acceptable to other nationalities..Slowly, this blending of cultures is making too many cross breeding.

The originality and authetic, sources are given way to mass production with changes made for more consumer.In todays, date technologies have amde life easy for its inhabitants. Just one more thing , we need , that is a method or means to make human beings to be virtuous and to dosown sins. Able to make people appreciate and love anture, rather destroy the earth. Can technology stop or control abusive thinking and resulting behaviour..Does it add to uncalled for competitions or promotes self betterment.Should teachnology aim at that?

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The Gibbs Farm art in open, with intrusion by man..wonder how the animals feel 🙂